Dark Season seems scary now

Worst case scenario i see (at least for my team)

Cavline Desert Map with:
Embla + Yune.
No savior for you and have fun with Debuffs.

Especially Dark/Wind Season Veronica is going to be deadly.
I guess it is now required to run only 3 Offense structures and Place 2 units in the back.


I’m not scared. But I’ve only ever had one fear… my def losing because it’s to weak to kill anything anymore. I’ve seen my rein with a total of +200 Atk fail to do dmg some seasons.

Dosnt matter how I run my ar0. Nonono. Half the game was decimated by cogs, supports, and cruelty.

My one fear is fading tho. My offense never changes, I don’t care if ur a turn one map, an armor ball, or a cav line.

Why would I fear anything that dies in one turn.

All I’m trying to say is, don’t get scared. You probably already have the tools to win.

Vantage units, semi tanking, ranged tanks that can snipe threats, flyer balls with great movement, a cow or two that makes every team a gale force monster and a movement demon.

A unit that makes everyone 5 rng.

Don’t be scarred adapt and make everyone else die.

Or…. Just cower until they release another Mario Kart Saint.


PoV: You never used Saviors in AR in the first place


So me. Gotcha. :feh_bylethsmile:

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Undefended isn’t even the bad part of severance…feud renders all outside support null and useless…I never used saves much in the first place


Yoo what up gang!! :wave:t3::grin:

Props to those of you who survived without using save armors. I guess it’s better to not rely on just one thing, it leaves you more prepared… for when shit like this happens xD

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Nm just got back from the job
Hope you enjoy your time here! It’s a good community, I like it.

Don’t need saves when my main carry hardly takes damage in the first place


Been lurking for the past two years…just made an account Monday…figured I waited long enough to join in


I feel you, as that was me back when Shamir/Catherine released and made my first post. It’s like you might as well :sweat_smile:
Crazy to think now they’re higher up on the waiting list to get refines. Kinda nostalgic lol.

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Yeah I was gonna say, so basically it’s going back to soloist tanky units? They don’t require as much support, or any. It’s gonna slowly shift toward that, and it’ll ramp up once Defenseless becomes an inheritable passive. And it’s IS, so I can see them stuffing the skill with another effect, and in-combat self stats/enemy debuffs cuz balenS

I don’t think solo tanking is going to be viable to be honest. Now that saves are not around, people will go back to hyperagressive movement strategies and will try to kill your mythics instead. Bulkward isn’t strong enough to cover them, and the maps are not big enough to avoid being hit.

Forecast for light season:

double Embla to cover the entire map on a cavline.


Single Embla catriaball with A!Celica and/or A!Eir and a dancer.


Generally speaking I think galeforce is still a near-100% strategy if you can execute correctly. I’m too lazy so I play a hybrid involving hit-and-run (or save ball on occasion if eating glue is one of the win conditions for the defense I stumble upon) which has worked fairly consistently, especially if I attack their far save on turn 1 before hardy fighter kicks in.

That being said, dark defense feels definitely playable right now against medium-level opposition. If you get raided by PM1 you’re toast except for some like 3% chance he messes up badly enough (has been shown on his ARO videos), but against a lot of players, Medeus + far save + anti-melee traps + B.Catria was a challenging problem, and now they also have to deal with Yune’s mass debuff and 48%-100%DR and Embla’s anti-save + feud. Also, Nott just became a lot bigger of a threat now that you can’t just cover everything with save tanks. Galeforce + pass anyone?

Man….can’t quite figure out how to work these posts…so much more complicated than discord…hence why I deleted that post…couldn’t get it to work properly the way I had intended it…worked at it quite a while too


Hmmm, for someone who dislikes negativity and has more important things to do… this is an awfully long and negative post :feh_arthurthink: I was warned I suppose


Back to the topic I’m trying to come up with a new anti-Embla team

Is Riev a good support investment with his stall debuff? Inf NFU or Canto Control in C slot.

Then the tank could be a Bulwark infantry unit (Not sure who yet, maybe Bike, Yenfay, Mini Marth or Nowi?)

I’m not intelligent enought to pull galeforce strategies as somehow I tend to mess it most of the times so I rather rely on defensive teams :feh_ikecry:


No one beats him at his game
For very long but just the same
Who cares there’s no place safe to hide
Nowhere to run no time to cry
So celebrate why you still can
Cause any second it may end
And when it’s all been said and done
Better that you had some fun
Instead of hiding in a shell
Why make your life a living hell?
Have a toast, down the cup
Drink to bones that turn to dust

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