Dark season Triangle attack Dragon options?

I’ve been messing around with defense options and want to try going all melee. So a dragon would be pretty vital to target res.

Who would be some of the best options?

Armors could be solid work Bold fighter, since they’ll be surrounded with save units and can focus on one phase. If the tank doesn’t have some sort of NFU, their gonna eat a quad.

Infantry dragons would need some good speed of a great weapon to suffice imo.

Calv and fliers are out of the question for me atm, I’m using the grassland map and it would mess up the formation.

-Idunn: armor effective, null debuffs.
One copy +def

-Seiros: great when initiating with forced double and damage reduction. Wrong season but still worth considering.
One copy neutral

-HRhea: kinda like a green seiros now that I look at her.
Don’t have

-Halloween colorless Robin: slaying weapon, -6 attack debuff on enemies around him. No color disadvantages.
Don’t have

-(Green) fall armor robin: good attack, his refine would work well with the guard effect and the in combat buffs.
+Atk and can give 2 merges.

-Fae and Nowi are both +10s of mine but have dates builds. Not sure if their worth re investing.

I’m sure there are good options I’m missing that I’d be glad to consider.
Current map set up:

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Unfortunately a lot of dragons just aren’t great on PP, so I doubt they’ll be good for TA. But @Dragginz anyway.


The options are not that great. The ones I’m considering are Nifl (to make my set up harder to PP) or Muspell (to make my units hit harder), but as you mentioned, cavs don’t work with your set up.

From the ones you mentioned, Idunn is probably the best for the armor effectiveness. HHector and Duo Idunn are also good options for that.


Out of those options: Fae or Rhea

Fae: relying on the TA double so ignore Spd. Gib Unity so visible buffs either work well or REALLY well. Gib armors (not Hecc) slick fighter so they’ll keep Fae’s buffs active. Use moonbow or glimmer for a special proc on the 2nd hit.

Rhea: same deal, same idea, no significant investment required.

They need to be green since your most popular save units will be blue or green.

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Should we ignore speed and a potential quad tho?

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Yep. Because the offensive saviors are likely to be Surtr, Hecc, Bagel, and Gustav. They’re all going to be built to ohko with a special on retaliation, so you need to focus everything you can on your first brave hit.

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Tbh idk what the job is this dragon unit is completely, other than make sure the tank doesn’t sac res completely. I know my neutral unmerged Alm can take down a max BHec (doubtful if he has the new armor B skill, but we’ll see if that becomes common). Idk how he matches up against the others. I went with the Galeforce/times pulse/flashing blade seal build as recommended by you I believe. I’m not sure how he fairs against the other tanks.

Edit: well obviously their job is to kill but I’m not sure who the main threats they should look to focus on.

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Basically those I mentioned. Alm can take Hecc down but with the 75% DR idk about Surtr. I think he and to a lesser extent Gustav are their targets. They don’t necessarily need to get the kill, just get close. If they fail, Alm will finish them off. If Alm fails, they should finish them off.

And @AniCre001 showed me the FB/TP/GF Alm build first. I was considering it, but they put it into practice.

Edit: your draggins will just be icing on the cake. Alm does 0 damage but scendscale deals 16 per hit. True damage is nasty.


Only problem with this is Hit & Run strats(Especially with no dancer) but otherwise if you’re able to ensure Alm has allies nearby for Quads he’s a menace to tanks.

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Not sure if it’s an improvement compared to my stall team:

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I would say no. It’s really fricken difficult to get a quad build going with Alm in every tanking scenario if aggro is started while also covering lots of ground. In the map posted above there isn’t a dancer and makes Hit and Run very easy if one runs a Dazzle healer to break formation. While exploitable and/or has its counters the stall map still works fairly well and can be used to swap out mythics very easily.

Alm can break through Hector with Galeforce so long as Flayn isn’t available(Mystic Boost can prevent a KO barely if Alm is unable to do 1 damage without true damage) which is actually kinda dumb. I’ll be sticking with Pass on Alm for the Cav-like movement to hopefully secure more KOs. This is also against an 83 HP Hector with 62 defense with Alm at 69 Atk(63 Atk and Duma & Seiros as allies).

The problem with this though is that while it’s possible to tank many more units the removal of Bonfire is what makes both El and Hector very dangerous to attack on their enemy phase. Remove that and I know for a fact El becomes a joke to Lif while Null Follow-up prevents Hector from doing much… Hell, even with two attacks Hector can very well miss a KO.

I’d wait and see but in my opinion the idea of a super defensive build on AR-O is only going to stall yourself out of precious turns. It prevents tank breakers like Alm(To a degree…) which can be super helpful but I feel like the lack of firepower may cause more problems than solving others.


If you never foddered M.Kana, he can actually be kind of annoying. He’s bulky, fast, and a lot of melee specialists don’t work on their res. Haven’t checked but I suspect he can take a bonfire to the face especially with sturdy impact so NFU is an option.

Getting Nifl (her 8% rerun should be soon) is a good idea

Hel is a dragon for the purposes of being a melee attacker. She targets res.

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Is that alms ceiling for direct damage? Or can it be pushed to get that last damage and secure the KO? Just tested with mine and same deal, 1 HP left, tho Hel came in and finished it off. My alm is hitting 11s on hec.

Does alms true damage go by his visible Atk stat or are his in combat buffs counted too? Also is triangle (dis)advantage factored?

I completely forgot about hels effect, that’s actually pretty solid for the team set up. But having that other dragon may still be worth while.

No. More Atk means more true damage.

It goes off of total Atk so Drives help increase his true damage output. Triangle Advantage is not taken into effect as it is based off of Alm’s Atk stat. In fact, I believe any form of true damage isn’t calculated with TA as it’s supposed to be a specific amount unrelated to weapon types for either the user or opponent.

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It’s another red (non dragon) but I just came across her refine:

Maybe Galeforce/flashing blade 4/windsweep/joint drive Atk or speed/phantom speed seal? Should be close to Alms total true damage if I’m not missing anything.

Edit; hmm actually that 75% for requirement is a bit of a set back potentially.

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You’re forced to run Windsweep in your B skill and yeah, after the first combat you lose that damage. Alm also has Cav movement.

Also assuming no mythic buffs to speed you’re sitting at 55 Spd on initiation. 15% is 8.25 true damage but rounds down to 8. Add Phantom Spd and you gain 1.5 from that but still isn’t enough to hit 10 true damage. Hardy Fighter Hector completely walls you and even with Galeforce you’re not taking down 80+ HP units without Hardy Fighter.

Alm is significantly better in terms of true damage output as he gets +10 to every stat pretty easily in addition to going off of his Atk and not Spd which is the easier/higher stat to boost.

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I agree that alm is better. I wasn’t thinking of replacing him, but adding her also. But she should get the additional 5 damage from FB4. Still not quite alms level, she can assist with a joint drive due to not needed TP.

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I suppose FB 4 would really help out then.

You’re probably better looking for another role in your team if you’re sticking with Alm then. You don’t want to overkill with multiple units doing the same job without good reason. You don’t run 3 dancers on Dark to prevent both Mila and Fjorm from Isolating your dancers.

I’d stick to one major tank breaker with true damage and then try and fit in either a dancer or some other support to prevent more PP options.


I picked up Nifl, thinking she’d be pretty nice right here. That DR will be sweet and she can hit the res hard, especially with TA active.

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