Dark Souls help

I figure this is a good a place as any. If anyone here has Dark Souls for switch I am begging for help with Ornstien and Smough. It’s been two weeks…

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OUCH. Snorlax and Pikachu are where boys become men ngl

What’s your current strat and have you tried solitaire? And what’s your build?

ask for Sekiro and I’ve got you covered lol

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My strat is fight. Idk anything about a “proper” build in dark souls.

Solaire never attacks the same foe I am so hes been useless.

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What’re your stats and what weapon are you using lol

And which one are you targeting first

Drake Sword +3

First I went after Ornstien first since I read that phase 2 Smough is easier than phase 2 Ornstien but after Solaire killed Smough first while I went after Ornstien (bc Solaire has never actually heard of teamwork) I found phase 2 Ornstien easier to avoid than Smough’s dumb as heck charge rush attack and his buttstomp that seems to hit half the arena.

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I don’t have Dark Souls Remastered on the Switch (I have it on the PS3 instead, and I’m thinking of replaying it to get the platinum), but I think I’ll at the very least provide some tips.

Do not lock on to either boss. It actually messes it up as you’d want to see both at all times and prepare for their upcoming moves.

People often told me to take Smough down first, though I found that defeating Ornstein works better for me and Smough in the second phase, was much more bearable alone.

This is because as the slower boss, his moves I found were easier to telegraph. Smough is also weak to lighting, so if you have any Gold Pine Resins, they would definitely help alot.

I gave up and summoned Solaire after losing like 30+ times, so there’s no shame in summoning if you end up becoming extremely frustrated.

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You get an extra item if you kill fatty first

Ah. Drake sword. There’s the problem

You’re… gonna have a rough time here without a better weapon

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What item is that?

Leo ring. Not very good in PvE content but still it’s an extra item

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What’s a better weapon? Every other weapon I have is weaker and feels slower.

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Cuz you haven’t upgraded them enough. Even a simple longsword would be outperforming the drake sword at this point. Weapons that arent the drake sword get bonus damage from your stats as you level up. Drake sword is actually one the weakest weapons in the game and is also really heavy for its weapon type

If I remember, what I used was the Black Knight Sword, and I had it up to its maximum upgrade as well.

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Yeah bks is a lot better

Black knight sword is so slow though. I can get two hits out of any other sword I have in the time it takes to swink black knight sword once.

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Kill a bunch of the stupid bat demons and eventually they’ll drop their spear. Smough is extremely weak to lightning so that will make him a lot easier to kill

Ehh yes and no. Dmg vs spd is a major give and take. For exampleb, a zweihander lets you just infinitely stunlock smough