Dark Souls help

Why on earth didn’t you mention that sooner. Wait, these guys can be staggered?

Also, is phase 2 Smough still weak to lightening even though he uses lightning?

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He’s less weak to lightning but yes still weak. As for staggering, all but like 2 bosses can be staggered to some extent(mega Ornstein being one of them but mega enough can be staggered). Ornstein is extremely lightning resistant tho

They both hate fire though so if you’ve got some pyromancy’s you can shred them

In theory at least though solaire will usually 1v1 Ornstein for you. Or at least occupy him long enough for smough to die

I’m farming humanity right now after losing 20 against O&S (and invaders…) already but I have some of that lightning resin I’ll try those once I’m done. What normal weapon in particular would you recommend? And how much titanite will I need to upgrade it?

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Uhh by the stats claymore but that’s slow so maybe longsword. If you’ve gotten one the silver knight sword would work.

But at this point actually upgrading a normal weapon to where you need it would mean running all the way back to the parish. Id say either stick with the drake sword and force your way through or pick up a weapon right there in anal rodeo

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If you really want I could help you but imma be rusty as heck

And it’s more rewarding to get it yourself tbh

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Anal rodeo?

I’m in the sewers farming humanity from rats (which sounds wrong but I actually know a lot of dark souls lore so it makes sense) so I’ll go by the Smithy in the tower on my way back, or I could hit up the giant smithy. I don’t think I have a silver knight sword but I probably have plenty of long swords.

Somewhat related: wanna here about how I had my gamer status revoked?

After, by sheer random chance, getting past the absolute bullsh!t archers (you know exactly the two) I got to the bonfire inside the castle and lit it… But didn’t rest at it so when I died and went back to the bonfire at the bottom of the staircase I stopped playing for 3 days out of pure anger.


Hold up are you on switch?

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I got a level 631 character and I know the entire game by memory I can solo it
Finally, those 1k hour are useful

Anal rodeo = anor londo

Want a pro gamer tip for the archers?


I can solo them
Also I got 99 of everything just ask

If the tip is poison, for some reason that only worked once.


You do realize it’s easier to run?

Yeah poison arrows with the long bow lmbo

Ng+ is so satisfying to vs them tho cuz you can get a LOT cheekier

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Nah it’s a lot easier to poison them

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Nah believe me I know, just run up and parry the right one and then move on

20 run attempts before it worked beg to differ

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Do you have a scimitar and 9 large titanite shards?

And have you been killing the titanite demons?

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20 successful attempts by me beg to differ