Darkrai is coming!

Get your Machamps out, find some Timburrs, and let’s see if we can duo this.

But Arceus hadn’t create Timburr yet…


Finally have a new legendary worth parking Rare Candy with!

In a dilemma whether to max another Machamp with Conkeldurr on the horizon.

According to Pokebattler, a duo with Machamp requires weather boost (cloudy) and friendship boost.

It has been some time since the Machamps have had a workout. Will be good to get the team tuned up and ready. Double candy on catch is going to be nice.

we still have no idea when that’ll be released. Besides machamp will probably be easier to get candies for for at least a good while. I dont think timburr is gonna jump in as common spawn lol

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One last task to the old Machamp team, before sending them to retirement to the old professor Candy Crusher.

Finally!!! Get those Machamp out! The duo is possible, not easy but possible.

Say, some sites shows Dakrai’s best moveset as: Snarl/Shadow Ball instead Snarl/Dark Pulse.

It is an important difference between those two charged moves?

all sites should show shadow ball as its best moveset. Dark pulse has the same type coverage as shadow ball, but it just objectively weaker even with stab. That’s not a knock on dark pulse, its just that Shadow ball is super OP lol

Since they have the same super effective profiles, Shadow Ball does outperform Dark Pulse, though it’s by a fairly small margin. Both moves have identical cooldowns, so no difference there. Shadow Ball has a base damage of 100, while Dark Pulse has a base damage of 80. Add in STAB, and Dark Pulse rounds up to a base damage of 96. Therefore, Shadow Ball has the slight advantage at a grand total of 4 extra base damage. :wink:

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Wonder how long until darkrai is added to the breakpoint list

I’m waiting for this as well. I don’t want to overdo the leveling given that I’m short on stardust, but I would like to know if there is a breakpoint near my levels.

Didn’t expect this to be added to the regular raids. Will be annoying though if they insist on the silly rule that mythical pokemon can’t be traded… OK, niantic… deoxys, darkarai and everything that one can catch multiple specimens of should be exceptions, just like meltan. Frankly mew, celebi and jirachi too, considering how most people get bottom of the barrel IVs and will never invest in them.

Anyway, time for machamp, breloom and hariyama to shine, and some extra backup from Togekiss and Gardevoir also won’t hurt, when facing Focus Blast.

I hatched a few functional perfect Cleffa. Maybe I’ll go full Fairy team against Darkrai.

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2 weeks ago niantic changed darkrai status, and now even been mythical, it can be traded. Same as meltan/melmetal

Last time I checked it was only changed to transferable. Which does not mean one could trade it per se, since Deoxys can also be transfered, but not traded.

We’ve been through that in this thread: Will I ever get another Jirachi?

Basically, “bad” IVs (still >67% though) is not the reason few people invest in Mew, it’s just that it’s not strong enough. And of course, you need a truck full of TMs.

I wasn’t speaking about that. As raid attackers they’re more on the novelty side, true, but I personally would have invested in Mew and Jirachi, but both of mine got terrible stats (13/13/15 & 10/14/14). Jirachi especially would be great in team rocket battles, but I see no point in powering up something with such a low attack stat.

Come on, you won’t notice any difference between a 10 attack IV and a 15 attack IV on a pokémon with 210 base attack in team rocket battles… Maybe once in a year you will lose a match otherwise won (seems even optimistic), and then challenge the grunt again switching one pokémon and win.

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The difference is slim, but noticable and enough for me not to invest into that. I never invest into anything that under 90 % IV and has an attack lower than 14.

Maybe I am missing something, cause I really don’t see the point. I don’t want to sound rude, please excuse me if I am, but I would like to understand better. In my opinion, you can be in either of those three situations:

  • You like one of these mythicals and would like to use it because you enjoy it, even if less optimal than other species. In which case, worse IVs would be too bad, but not a real problem: the difference in performance is minimal so it can still do the job.
  • You value performance above all. In which case, mythicals are outclassed in every way and there is no point considering powering them up. Unless…
  • Some mythical has a unique typing/attack typing combination which gives it a niche. In this case, see first point.

What am I missing here?

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