Data update (Dagr) --- 3/30/2021

Data update is out! We been knew about the stats but we can confirm super assets/flaws and find other things through datamine, which will be posted in comments as usual.

(Initial stats reveal and base kit)


Alright! It’s out.


Not surprised she has a Spd superboon lol

And a gold heron’s hairpin seems neat :eyes: I hope it’s the EX version

Mostly seems like a pretty small update tho. Nothing too much


Is that a Rally banner I see… could most likely be a Rally up banner in which case, Ophelia, Azelle, and Lugh


Dump of thoughts. :crazy_face: It’ll be shorter tho, since there’s not much to talk about.


Superboons in attack and speed

“Quick, act surprised”.

Anyway, just for curiosity, I went to check how her stats differ with her enemy version by looking at one of my charts for a review the past month:

Lol, they’re the same, probably made a thread for nothing but eh, at least the datamine will be there for reference and I’ve learnt something for next time. :feh_legion_miso:

Anyway, fast unit and hard-hitting as expected, one thing I overlooked though, isn’t her ability to grant an extra slot in Light season teams, but that she grants a resistance boost during her season to anyone blessed with Light.
Why I thought it was defence if the shield icon needed to be orange. :feh_byleeeth:

I’m thinking a pure tanking build works well for her, specially when used for [AR-O], her bulk gets some balancement and improement while attacking on Light season and she has an already high base speed as mentioned.


No news on the [Arena] bonuses but [Aether Raids] looks good to me even if I won’t get Dagr in the end, already got Mila and Reginn for their seasons, poggers.


I’ll be skipping the {rally+} skills banner since there’s nothing I really need and I got a Midori not long ago, so I’ll focus on the banner coming in about an hour and a half. :catdance:

Also, here’s a very helpful resource I just found:


Poor colorless. Having worse rates than red because of the endless 3-4* healer demotes. :feh_elisad:


Nope Midori is in the banner.


Ah, I didn’t even bother checking, but I guess it would be a bit too early for Azelle anyways


Well, 2 of the 3 at least… but thats mainly again do to it being to early for Azelle