[Day 1 Poll] Sizzle at your service

Note: Keep in mind I may have some options in this one that may have already been done.

Please feel free to suggest any new stuff for me to work on in the comments or any other suggestions, and I’ll include them as options in the next poll(s)! Please like any comments that you agree with so I can see which ones are popular - I will look at all comments and include the time of posting/like ratio.

For Day 1 I will start updating ALL Craft Essence Recommendations on site by ID starting with Artoria. Obviously this will probably take me more than 1 day, but that’s the beauty of picking this one first. I will include all CEs up to and including Summer 2020 (i.e. Painting Summer is in, but not the Halloween 2020 ones). That should keep all the profiles up to date until I can do another pass in the future.

Note: the writeups for Lostbelt 1 are already being worked on, and I will probably starting making/helping with the walkthrough/boss guides next week. There will probably be some JP stuff going on as well.

What would you like me to work on for Day 2?

  • Rewrite Boudica
  • Update 4* Tier List Explanations (missing)
  • Update old Walkthroughs (Camelot-Salem)
  • Make a full guide about Command Card Counting

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Do I mention how much I hate the current tier lists again?

I’ll give you a break, you only just came back :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote for the tier list explanations.

To be clear, the Tier List Explanations are not the same as Change Logs. They’re explanations for why Servants were put in there, currently for the 4* list I believe half of them are just the intro section of their writeups as opposed to personalized explanations.

We do in fact have those, but not edited/transferred as it was one of those things I put on the backburner while lethargic.

I understand that, my opinion is that any improvement is welcome. The 4* tier list is important, especially to newer players.

EDIT: it also occurs to me that some newer players have questioned the walkthroughs recently. They probably need some work at some point as well - assuming it doesn’t win the poll today.

Indeed, all of these things will come eventually, it’s just a matter of priority at the moment.


So, I’ll out myself as the one voted for

Rewrite Boudica

she served me very well during Nerafest last year in combination with Surf-Mordred - a narrow application, but it does merit a raise to tier 5 in my view. Plus, looking ahead Arts-powered Riders get quite a few more additions that give her more of a raison d’être vs stall-centric fights against Caster-type enemies, not to mention the crit-buff she gets along the way that, along with her lower deploy-cost will prove useful together with Mozart’s tested and proven star-delivery + arts-up for burst-turns.

Do feel free to take your time and prioritize as you like, though!


Boudica and Command Card counting aren’t super
Important at this time. I think the tier lost and the walkthroughs are better for new players + for getting everyone caught up to LB1.


First thing good to see you back.

I am curious about how you plan to handle this. Because usually CE choices boils down to a few options like Sumo/HND/Drive/Kscope/BG/Art of Death/Event Damage CE on damage-dealers and on supports usually just Cosmos/2030/starbomb/taunt CE/BCE with party buffs. Occasionally Iron-Willed/Shroud of Magdelene/Maid in Halloween for niche strats.

So CE choices are based more on the fight/planned approach to the fight rather than which specific servant is being used. (E.g. I would obviously use NP start on Artoria for farming, but may ditch NP start for BG for CQs. The same logic applies to basically all damage-dealers). I think it would make more sense to approach CE recommendation from a ‘what are you doing’ perpsective rather than a ‘what servant are you using perspective’.


Welcome back @Sizzle!

I’d like to see the command card stuff, but I helped with the epic 1 day fall of Barbados when Solomon went live, so I really don’t need the walk throughs and such updated. But jakeyb brings up a great point that it probably would be a good idea to help everyone catch up for lost belt, starting in camelot.

Got several months before command cards go live anyway.


I’m not sure that’s what the guide is about? It says card counting…


Card counting = the thing that was promised in Ishtar’s writeup.

Basically helping you predict which command card you’ll draw next turn.


I think @Mysty might be confusing card counting with command codes.


Yeah I think she meant command codes.


Well I might be, but card counting will come in handy for command codes since the special effects are specific to one command card


I guess Saber Lily is due to a minor rewrite since hew overview still says, “She will later gain an NP Rank Up Quest during the Saber Wars event re-run (eta: January 2020)”. And Gramps’ page lacks info on his latest rank up.


Same way we do it right now - just updated, and add some explanation as to why.

I mean, even for your bogstandard 50% CE charge CEs, there’s a bit of optimizing involved as to whether to go for Sumo, Aerial Drive, HNS, or any other card variation. That aspect is based on the kit at hand and/or the support you run. That’s why the preceding paragraph is important as it tells you what stat type synergizes hardest.

For example, something like Devillish bodhisattva (sp?) scales far harder for Arash than a Sumo would, any Quick Servant ought to leave One Summer well enough alone as it has no ATK budget. Stuff like that. I am updating the lists, not redoing them entirely.


Oh hey, Sizzle is back :fgo_ereshlove:

Does that mean we get his brand of CQ threads again :fgo_ereshwoah:

Anyways at the topic at hand, since so far the 4* section is getting the attention why not put in some weight for the starter 4* as well? Since for the most part these 4* are the only gold servants new players are going to have so why not give them a little bit more light when doing recommendations for them and stuff.


This assuming CE level too? Sumo is pure attack and DB is mixed. Also makes me wonder if I should combine the two DB I have and raise to lvl 40 for the bit of attack boost.

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I like @jakeyb and @Nytfall’s suggestions on concentrating on the parts that are mostly relevant for newcomers.

There aren’t any issues following the old walkthroughs but new servants and rank-ups might provide easier ways to progress if one where to get stuck.
For instance an Alter-Ego would make some of the mixed nodes in Camelot easier to handle.


Got it. Though at the risk of sounding like nitpicking I should point out that Arash isn’t one of the cases where DB unambiguously outshines event 50% CEs, unless I miscalculated somewhere.

If no buffs (assume 1k Fou):
Arash NP with 2k Sumo-39874 average
Arash NP with L20 DB (+393 attack/300% OC)-37804 average
Arash NP with L100 DB (300% OC)-40987 average
Arash NP with L80 Sumo (+1695 attack)-38494 average

Event CEs like Sumo are the most commonly levelled CEs, so for a lot of players a levelled event CE should still be a stronger option than a non-MLB DB.