[Day 1 Poll] Sizzle at your service

My point exactly.

Edit: I’ll be honest - I would consider it for shits and giggles if I had an overabundance of CE XP and no other needs, but given that a new, useful CE tends to be released fairly often, that’s unlikely to happen.


Oh no I didn’t mean the guides themselves, what I meant was the threads you make about the CQs. I personally found them entertaining with the little comments you make :fgo_ereshwoah:


I guess when someone run out of CEs to bomb?

I think Kintoki Rider is the only servant where a L100 DB beats L100 HND, and even then the damage difference is very marginal. Not really a case relevant enough to justify bombing DB before other options.


That’s such an edge case it doesn’t really merit talking about anyway tho.

Like I’d consider, say, a Lv 100 Parvati for DSS farming before I’d even think about Lv 100 DB.


That is true.
I haven’t actually thought about looping with him as I’m a bit limited in CEs and support servants.
I might try it out on NA when he arrives next year but as you mentioned I wouldn’t be using DB for that.

In most cases I simply use uses order change to bring him in for buff stacking at the final wave though there have been times I use him to kill a support that is on CD to stack more buffs.

Same here.


I could think about lvl100 Parvati a heck of a lot sooner than lvl100 DB because I can’t even mlb it yet, but I already have Parvati. (here’s hoping skadi graces me so I can try DSS)

Now that you mention the differences, I think I remember from a CQ (Christmas maybe) that I tried my lvl20 DB and my ~lvl75 AD on arash and the higher leveled AD blew the low level DB out of the water in terms of damage.


Tier List -> Walkthroughs -> Command Card Counting -> Paracelsus Boudica.


I bought the largest Whiteboard they had at my local do-it-yourself store (it’s one of those superstore formats)…and it was still too small.

Also, the Quick offerings are just so rubbish right now.

If you can’t read any of it, don’t worry, my Doctor’s handwriting ™ + whiteboard penmanship makes it difficult to read even for me. But I just need to know the shape/section to know what I am referring to.

…Not that I am not going to convert this to an excel sheet anyway.


Ah yes, Dumplings over Bloom, Emerald Flo, and Oni in Human Daily, my favorite CEs.

I rib because that’s a big mood.

Ah geez, reminding me, I really gotta wait until Florencemas for that not-awful Quick CE huh. Rude.

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I tried writing float like 4 times and then I was just like, screw it.

Couch reveal :o

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It’s super comfortable! Unfortunately I couldn’t use it until they gave me internet access as in the back of living room I had no mobile signal whatsoever.

There’s a solution to this…

The conspiracy theory wall



Gonna agree with a need of updating the explanations at 4* Tierlist. In general if it’s possible I’d suggest looking through old write-ups and updating them to look more like the current ones.

For the CEs… I know it’s probably a lot of work but I do feel newer players would benefit from knowing which CEs they can realistically use. Some of the CEs like Golden Sumo or Holy Night Supper are no longer available for newcomers so knowledge that their great on servant they rolled really doesn’t help a lot…

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Poll closes in an hour!

@Jaquan Absolutely, I will put some extra focus on including recent and old options. That said, we always have the base 5* CE options listed, and naturally any weaker variant (verdant sound of destruction vs Limited/Zero Over) are always a substitute. We just tend to not list them all the time because it bloats the entire section.

Oops i dont care for boudica but accidentally voted for her.

Dread it. Run from it. The Boudica rewrite will arrive eventually. Someday. Soon.




I voted for the guides.

I guess that they only need minor changes for new skills and servants; and imnsho they are a vital part of GP for newbies who need the help the most.

Closed, Tier List Explanations it is. Will open Day 2 momentarily.