[Day 2.5 Poll] Sizzle at your service

Please feel free to suggest any new stuff for me to work on in the comments or any other suggestions, and I’ll include them as options in the next poll(s)! Please like any comments that you agree with so I can see which ones are popular - I will look at all comments and include the time of posting/like ratio.

The day 1 results had a clear winner - adding the Tier explanations that were missing to the remaining un-explained 4* Servants. These are generally pre-Shinjuku Servants.

The provisional winner for Day 2 has already been sorted. It’s not a thing I can work on and do, but it will resolved in the future. Essentially, the material page will receive an update where we will show the AP of the node in question, the drop rate of the material and then the APD. Basically, you no longer have to open the FQ to see the drop rate/AP cost.

Plus, it automates things from our end. Every time we had a new FQ release, I’d have to calculate the AP/D for you guys and then manually insert it for each material. Hopefully we can get it to pull up the data automatically.

As that affects what you vote on, might as well do a 2nd round of voting on it.

Note: the writeups for Lostbelt 1 are already being worked on, and I will probably start making/helping with the walkthrough/boss guides next week. There will probably be some JP stuff going on as well.

What would you like me to work on for Day 3?

  • Rewrite Boudica
  • Rewrite Paracelsus
  • Update old Walkthroughs (Camelot-Salem)
  • Make a full guide about Command Card Counting

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Give cute alchemist boy some love pls. Otherwise, yeah, typical Walkthrough stuff coming second just due to how broadly useful it would be as a resource for newbies, and to be linked for the unaware.

This includes you DW, he’s still got launch animations you cowards.

I’d save the rewrite for Paracelsus for after his buff; otherwise you’d have to just do it again anyway.

I don’t know how much the walkthroughs need to be changed; I was lazy and just did Shimousa a week or so ago and it seemed to be fine based on my experience.

So I don’t really have an opinion here I guess.


Hah, as if. That rewrite will assume the opposite.

I still stand for Para! :fgo_pout:

Closing the poll in 1 hour and 45 minutes!

Closed. Paracelsus it is.