[Day 2 Poll] Sizzle at your service

Please feel free to suggest any new stuff for me to work on in the comments or any other suggestions, and I’ll include them as options in the next poll(s)! Please like any comments that you agree with so I can see which ones are popular - I will look at all comments and include the time of posting/like ratio.

The day 1 results had a clear winner - adding the Tier explanations that were missing to the remaining un-explained 4* Servants. These are generally pre-Shinjuku Servants.

Note: the writeups for Lostbelt 1 are already being worked on, and I will probably start making/helping with the walkthrough/boss guides next week. There will probably be some JP stuff going on as well.

What would you like me to work on for Day 3?

  • Rewrite Boudica
  • Rewrite Paracelsus
  • Update old Walkthroughs (Camelot-Salem)
  • Make a full guide about Command Card Counting
  • Update Materials Pages by including drop rate and maybe flag a node for recommendation (See: Evil Bones)

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NOTE: I write guides, but I don’t write code. Updating the Materials page means I need to flag one of our technical staff to create the option for me - i.e. there is some delay involved.


Paracelsus desperately needs a revision, I find the current analysis on his GP article disagreeable to an almost offensive extent.

Seriously Para has been a solid farmer even before his buff, he does not deserve the current writeup.


Preaching to the choir.

Every Tier List evaluation I’ve pressed for a higher placement as well, but I’ve never been able to push it through.

But anyway, that’s why it is an option.

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My paracelsus is rooting for your success @Sizzle
Long live the chemistry geeks!


I’m assuming the rewrites for Paracelsus and Boudica will be future proof?

The material page updates interest me though, will recommended nodes include good split mat nodes? It’s often these nodes that go unnoticed.

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i’ll vote for para rewrite. his current write-up doesn’t give any justice and consideration for his future potentials.

really, he would be a budget unit on np looping team comps and an absolute farming unit in the future. idk how many knows of this fact.

that’s all folks. love your para and raise him. you are wrong if you dont.


Materials pages, please. We reference those all the time.

And then Paracelsus. He’s a good farmer even now—and for newbies who want to farm bones or proofs but don’t have zerkers to facecard, you can use his big battery with plugsuit and a Waver for an easy 3T, even if he’s not at max level.

Plus that bond CE is still relevant for quick looping since NP strength up is rare.


That’s a nice bond CE, looking forward to getting that, 1.5 levels to go iirc.

Yes, I always do so - and these rewrites will be written by me, that day, and posted that day. I don’t see either of these Servants having difficult content, though I may reach out to Trubo to talk about some NP Gain implications since my knowledge regarding calculations is not as all encompassing as his is.

When it comes to what part of the game I’m good at, it’s the macro aspects (AP/materials/Servant ownership/f2p/etc.), in-combat stuff is not something I experiment too much with.

@Chrome-kun That is already very evident on his Tier Placement in terms of green arrows.

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Honestly, I’d rather push for the Para revision before the mat farming. Mostly because his overview is going to age poorly once his 3rd skill buff comes around. Even before then his farming potential right now isn’t half-bad either. With a 50% CE and a support Waver he can actually be a decent 2 Wave farmer.

I mean, it’s not like his overview otherwise wouldn’t be revisisted.

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Yeah I know but still, doing light revisions now as well wouldn’t be half bad as well. His explanation as of now makes it so he’s a turn off for servants to raise even though he’s actually quite a decent farmer. Because depending on where you bring him he’s a decent 1 or 2 wave farmer. A weaker Nito of sorts.

Those old writeups are never candidates for revision. They are always scrapped. Even Lily just now has been essentially written from the ground up. Think I may have only kept some headers.

Para-tan > Mat Pages (only not = because seemingly being a much heavier load, unless I’m mistaken) > CCC (not that one) > Boudica

Poll closed, see the thread below.