[Day 3 Poll] Sizzle at your service

Please feel free to suggest any new stuff for me to work on in the comments or any other suggestions, and I’ll include them as options in the next poll(s)! Please like any comments that you agree with so I can see which ones are popular - I will look at all comments and include the time of posting/like ratio.

The day 1 results
The day 2 results

Current Progress:
CE Updates - 7/200 :fgo_jeannu:
Saber Lily rewrite done
Caesar rewrite done
Material page update requested
Tier Explanation 50% done
Paracelsus rewrite coming up

Note: the writeups for Lostbelt 1 are already being worked on, and I will probably start making/helping with the walkthrough/boss guides next week. There will probably be some JP stuff going on as well.

What would you like me to work on for Day 4?

  • Rewrite Boudica
  • Lostbelt Mystic Code writeup (+anything missing)
  • Update old Walkthroughs (Camelot-Salem)
  • Make a full guide about Command Card Counting

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Speaking of Mystic Codes - True Ether doesn’t have an extended overview.

Overall, with all those things to do/add/fix it feels like this is you right now or very soon:

P.S.: I understand that Mango is a joke servant but is he such a joke as to break the servant planner as well?

With him added, not only doesn’t it show mats required for Mango himself ,but also all other mats for all added servants. Delete Mango from the planner, and everything works just fine again.


Interesting, I’ll forward it to @homu as angry man has caused issues before.

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Personally I like new rewrite for Saber especially Red, Black and Blue since they get strengthen later.

Red, Black and Blue?

Nero, Salter and OG

Their writeups are fresh though, except Salter’s Rank Up. None of those require a rewrite.

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MCs would be nice but with 1/2AP going on I think the main story should get your focus.

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I agree, I may well do some walkthrough stuff tomorrow regardless. Saturday is going to be spent on LB1 regardless, as I want to have the core walkthrough for that sorted in case we get a surprise launch on the 26th. I expect it won’t launch the same day, like JP had it a week after the stream. But gotta plan for the worst.


Most people participating in the polls are the same people who no longer need the walkthroughs so they won’t vote for it.

But some newbies have asked questions about them a lot lately so it would seem to me that they at least need a once over to make sure they are still okay, especially Camelot and Babylon.

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I’m well aware of the inherent bias of any such polls - what is said in the threads themselves is equally important after all.


I’m managing a team of writers/designers/content creators at work and lemme tell you, being at least two weeks ahead on content is a game changer.

I sleep so much better at night lol


-What if you can’t-

Looks at JP

:fgo_jeannu: :fgo_jeannu: :fgo_jeannu: :fgo_jeannu: :fgo_jeannu:


I have voted for the walkthroughs in every poll. To me the walkthru are very important.

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I’m gonna always voted for boudica write up :fgo_daishouri:

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But at least there’s NA content!

With all the other more important stuff voted updating old walkthroughs should be next, especially considering story-gated event becomes a bigger deal from this year onwards.

LB MC is literally just ‘default MC sidegrade but exorbitantly difficult to level up, you use it because you maxed out all your other MCs already’.

I suppose there is merit to a guide about Command Card counting eventually, but I honestly think any player who cares enough to count Command Cards have matured to the stage where they can figure it out for themselves.

As for Boudica, the only thing really changed about her after her skill buff is now she can serve as a disposable buffbot if you are strapped for options/team cost limitaiton. Still not a unit new players should look at investing, and vets should be able to tell when she can serve a purpose and decide for themselves whether to invest in her. So her rewrite should be low priority.


LB MC > Walkthrough = CCC >>> Boudica

Huh…suprised it seems I’m the only one who voted for the command card counting guide. Honestly I just voted for it for it seems like an interesting topic to tackle.

Alright, could you try and see if your Servant Planner is fixed? I believe it’s been fixed.

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