[Day 3 Poll] Sizzle at your service

Sooner or later we’ll overwork sizzle like normal and everything will be back to normal lol


I’m personally only really waiting for the updated tier list and explanations. Not for any particular reason, I just like reading them.


I do too haha

Neat and pretty ordered lists with succinct explanations as things change every few months are pleasant.

Decided to vote for walkthroughs. They definitely could use a rewrite especially now since newer players will try to rush through part 1. In general I feel the site could use some more “newer player oriented” content. Something like recommendation for early servants to raise from F2P pool. In the end early game resources are limited (especially in NA now) and tier lists are always based on servant’s full potential which sometimes can’t be reached till later down the line. For example Arash whose interlude with his core third skill is unlocked after Camelot. Raising him before that leaves him relatively underwhelming especially without NP based CEs. Things like that could smothen new players experience with the game.

The GP site does have a beginners guide that also goes into detail about which early game Servants to focus on. I do feel like it needs updating though like I feel like there should be a few more early game Servants to look out for, like Spartacus, and it would be helpful to teach new players how to 3 turn the Exp dailies using the Arash/Spartacus/AOEzerker/Waver team which is the basic farming team that everyone starts with.

Also Arash’s Interlude unlocks his NP upgrade, not his 3rd skill. His 3rd skill is locked behind is RUQ which just requires 4th ascension

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Ups. My bad ^^’

But yeah that starting guide does require a lot of rewrite…

Sorry for being a slowpoke.
Yes, everything works just fine now, stats and mats are visible for him and for all added servants in general.
Thank you, guys!

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