Db Legends co-op buddy select

can someone tell me how to change my buddy in “Goku the Legendary supersaiyan” event?

This one is locked to that character so there isn’t a way to change it.

If people are struggling with this one, here’s the line up I used to win

The two Goku’s and hit grant a decent damage and defence boost. Majin Buu grants a 40% boost to element Blu defences. And Raditz provides a strong overall attack boost.
There are probably better combos (for example SSGSS Goku Z ability isn’t as strong), but it’s still good.

Now just some things to remember with this (for people who don’t typically play Co-Op)

Make sure you try to keep your buddy member alive by cover changing (this also boosts the link bonus). They will cover change with you in order to save you from combos as well as just helping to beat them.

Use your rising rush when shields are down to maximise damage. Also don’t try to synch it with the Ai’s rising rush, they take a long time to use and it will make the experience more annoying.

Also another note for the challenge to deal 5,000,000 damage. For some reason this won’t work the first time you do it. But it will work the second time you play the event.