DB legends "side dash"

To all players. This rapid dash machinac is pure trash, it’s unfair to players and it makes the game boring. I understand competitive advantage and being better at the the game but this play style clearly shows cheating, spamming, being unsportsmanlike conduct, unfair to all players within the game and above all else it shows a pure lack of skill. This should be removed, banned or allowed to reported as unsportsmanlike conduct. If players use this mechanic, they should be penalized with the same punishment as disconnecting.

So you’re this kind of guy, who just press your cards 1 by 1, without doing any tap, any dash tap. Only playing with cards ?

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Why do people assume the play style of others simply based off of a complaint.

Buy seriously, it takes some serious skill to time you card attacks, the vanish step and the bluff attack. Do you know that rapid dash attack can’t be stopped unless the other person happens to mess up the timing. So, essential the attacker can just rapid dash the whole time; when new players are introduced to the game or even existing players are just simply looking to play a good game and they run into a dasher, it becomes boring and a big was of time. Whenever if a player continues to rapid dash, the match becomes one sided and a player should be penalized.

Side dash + attack is so easy dude.
Thanks to that, you can charge a little your ki, your tp bar, and you got a chance to draw another card, it’s a part of the gameplay.
You must do that too, if you don’t, it’s your choice, but that’s stupid.

I think we’re talking about two different things.
I’m talking about the crazy, constant rapid dash/tackle. It sounds like you are talking about the side step tech where you move to the slide to the side, gain a little ki and attack… right???

Rapid dash/tackle is really easy to do and to counter too, i use this technique for make my opponent TP, but if he got a good timing/ wait when he tp, he ■■■■ me.