Db Legends Story reset, but I didn't start a new game?!?

So I’ve been playing legends for a year now, I’m rank 121 and with one of the most recent updates
(the one for the transforming goten and kid trunks) when I logged in it had me do a tutorial for adventures
I was obviously confused since I had already did it and was caught up on the story, god shallot and all.
And when I looked at the story missions, they were all locked, each chapter and each mission.
And I couldn,t do any other than the first one. I did it and it had me do another one. and it kept occuring each time I continued the story (even though I did it all) until the transforming tutorial. (the one where you switch shallots main ability from base to ssj) and I can’t do it because I’m on god shallot. Now im stuck their and cant play the game anymore. I have transferred my data and deleted/reinstalled and done everything I could but nothing is working. I dont wanna have to restart so help plz
(sorry for bad english)

Hi. Sorry Bastian, I can’t help you since this is a rare case. I haven’t seen anyone else with this issue. I say contact Bandai Namco and report your issue. Hope everything turns out alright.

Aight thanks :slight_smile: