DB4 or SS3 for Cordelia?

With the new resplendent outfit coming soon for Cordelia, I wanted to rebuild her skill set on my +10 that would compliment her lance with her atk/spd haste refine but I can’t decide on her A skill; my planned skill set is:

  • Cordi’s Lance
  • Reposition
  • Galeforce / Ruptured Sky
  • SS3 / DB4
  • Chill Spd 3
  • Atk Smoke 3
  • Heavy Blade 3

I have a spare B!Eliwood and a spare B!Celica with questionable IVs, and let me know if anything in her skill set can be changed.

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The world may never know.

Edit: Now it’s there.


Swift Sparrow 3 is basically better than Death Blow 4 in 90% of situations.


Well, if you’re gonna go for a two-shot build, I guess DB4 would be optimal, although SS3 is more attractive to me. I however don’t like the idea of foddering Brave Celica to someone who already has Galeforce. Chill Def (either on her or one of her teammates) would be better for her +Eff.

I don’t know if Atk Smoke is a good C skill for her.

I personally will refine for Spd and go for Desperation quads when I merge her after her Resplendent version is available.


How much spd does she hit without buffs and without her A skill?

I would think 38 if she’s +Atk (or basically not +Spd) and has DFs applied. That counting the -2 Spd from her lance. 40 when she’s Resplendent.

I’d go ss3 for sure then. I might even consider going atk/spd push 4 if the enemy phase safety is worth anything to you.

If they’re gonna use her +Eff, I certainly wouldn’t want to allow her to get attacked nor have a self-damaging skill.

Swift Sparrow 3 gives +7 to Spd in exchange for 2 Atk, so it’s almost always a better choice than Death Blow 4, unless you already have overkill Spd. :thinking:
This is assuming you have both of course.

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SS3 is better almost all the time, so I would say go with that. The change in attack is too small to really make a difference

I disagree with most of the people here about SS3. The whole point of a brave weapon is to double and kill the opponent before they can retaliate, and Cordy’s Atk stat certainly allows that. Why worry about quadding when you can kill in one initiation?

Here’s roughly the Cordy I’m thinking about using. Stats adjusted for Resplendent stat boost, except she should have two more HP.

The idea is to kill everything on the first initiation, charging up Galeforce every now and then. Other ideas for Specials are Moonbow, for maximum kill potential, Miracle for the occasional gimp survival, or something like Noontime for the extra healing.

Mystic Boost keeps her health topped off, and works well with her weapon’s effect. Since she should nuke things without them retaliating, she should be able to heal a lot with Mystic Boost on any given “normal” turn. Atk Smoke gives her effectively 36/39 defenses, so she’s actually really hard to kill on enemy phase. This is especially including her weapon effect, which gives her 44 speed, just the right amount to avoid most doubles. With 50 HP, and probably not getting doubled, that’s 79/82 bulk, even more if you count Atk Smoke. 67 Atk means she’ll nuke most things and also activate Heavy Blade. So yeah, surprisingly tanky, super strong nuker, can Galeforce if you want, she’s got it all.

And if I were choosing a non-DB4 A Slot, it wouldn’t be SS3 either. It’d be Steady Impact or Atk/Spd Solo. If you can already one-shot pretty much everything, don’t bother quadding, and just use her weapon’s effect for defensive speed. Steady Impact prevents the QR effect from extremely tanky units who somehow survive her, and Atk/Spd solo would at least give her enemy phase speed to avoid doubles.


Swift Sparrow.

Going off your build, usong my preferred IVs since you did not specify, I would do something more like this:

I find Moonbow to be more reliable of a damage-dealing Special than Ruptured Sky. Unless you plan to having her fighting Dragons regularly, in which case ignore MB and stick with Ruptured. On to the meat:

I recommend Swift Sparrow over Deathblow because the Brave nature of Cordelia’s Lance makes her a major user of a Sweep skill (Wind if using Moonbow, Water if using Ruptured). This way, she is still guaranteed a follow-up attack through the effects of her Sweep, while still preventing a counterattack through the same skill in the ecent that she doesn’t kill them. Swift Sparrow increases the threshold for her Sweep skill, making it more likely to activate, while still getting a DB3 effect.
The Sweep skill setup, however, makes Galeforce trickier to one-round, so it’s up to you.

Also, welcome to Gamepress! I hope you enjoy your stay.

Basically if you want a 2 shot build go DB4 (like with Rein)

But if you want a quad build go with SS (like with Brave Bow SF W!Marth)

I’d say SS3 in general
The 2 Atk doesn’t change much, and you get more Spd for quads.