DC candidates

I have one or two DC/special fighter/even speed wave fodders (V!Ike).
And Im wondering who to give DC to, or just save it for later.
Possible candidates that I use or could use:
F!FCorrin +hp -atk
Hilda +spd -atk
Caeda (+6) +atk
P!Felicia (+1) got 2 more copies +atk or +res
Camilla (axe) (+1) +atk
W!Fae (+1) +res
Ares +atk -spd (have considered him, but my units are quite saturated in red)
H!Myrrh (could +1) +def
S!Y!Tiki (+hp -spd)
And armor units like W!chrom, B!ephraim, Surtr, W!Lissa, V!Greil, Idunn.

Note: I dont use armor as much now, due to mobility issues.


Idunn see the problem here.

I have used those mentioned above on list.
I only got Idunn to 40. Never really used her. She is +def -res

She could benefit from both DC and Special Fighter.


It’s what she deserves

Also Fallen Corrin is really good

But I mainly came to say that your pfp is iconic

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I mention those mostly because Armor March is on all of them, unless I misremembered Greil…

H!Myrrh makes good use of both skills, as previously stated. Her weapon effect guarantees follow ups and the check is on her boon stat. She also has Armor March, so there’s no problem in the mobility department.

Armors aside, SY Tiki and Fallen Corrin are good DC candidates, but OOF those banes…

I’d say SY Tiki over Corrin. SY Tiki just needs QR3 to patch her now middling Spd. Fallen Corrin prefers getting DC from Nailah since she also gets Null C-Disrupt.

I’d go with her because she’s like the only one here I actually have foddered DC too, plus she still has 51 atk with the atk bane, and then her weapon effects.

I do actually have a (+1) Hilda and a +spd -def P!Felicia, but from my experience Hilda benefits from her default a skill and my choice for P!Felicia is Fury (don’t kill me please), because she could use a boost in some areas, (I just run her with a healer.)

Her!, she has high attack & strong mixed bulk, having [Distant Counter] with that [Demonic Breath] is :arvisboneappetite: & you can add [Special Fighter], if you fully merge her she’d reach 31SPD at neutral stat before any buff, this gives her a nice perfomance with [Special Fighter] :+1:.

Oh!, & since she’s +def/-res she can maybe have [Ignis] :thinking:, mine’s like this but she misses [Distant Counter]:

If she doesn’t convince you (:elisad:) we can always think of other candidates :birbpeek:.

There’s H!Myrrh who has her [Spirit Breath] which allows for a nice dual-phased doubles :thinking:.
F!F!Corrin is surprisingly strong with it + either [Vantage 3] or [Null C-Disrupt 3].
Caeda can take a mage check build maybe, with [Distant Counter]+[Vantage 3] :thinking:.
W!Fae makes a fine candidate as well with that strong mixed bulk.

What’d you use more?


Yeah they have armor march, the issue with armor march is when they arent with another armor. I do use L!Azura with guidance sometimes though.
In the end, I still decided to add armors on the list because they are still good.

@KratosFredi do your thing

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I personally doubt she will get +10. Or any other armor. Mostly because they are 5* exclusives.
I somehow got L!Azura and Fjorm to +3 though. The most Im doing is +1 or 2, to remove the bane mostly. Could consider merging depending on how lucky the pulls are.

I know F!F!Corrin is strong with dc+vantage. I have seen @GVader Corrin.
Also seen Ares is good with that combo.

Depends on the situation I guess, since B!ike + B!lucina combo can tank most pve stuff now.

I HAVE BEEN SUMMONED Honestly, they all could make use out of DC… tho not sure about Hilda… and FF.Corrin and Ares are probably the best choice do to their DC Vantage builds being as good as they are

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Well,if you insist… :camillamug:

I will repost what I did post over some months ago,so you can get the idea behind giving her DC or not. @Kyoya07

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I included her because she has quite good mixed bulk. After looking at your build, I got a question. Would H!Dorcas axe be better for her? It comes with no HP threshold and frees the B slot

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Hmm yes, they’re somewhat hard to get or limited + you mentioned you have a hard time with their mobility, just in case [Pivot] / [Swap] can help!.


Yes, they have a strong one, @belluchi also has her with that build and has good impressions of her

Yes, they’re formidable.

Well, after looking another time to your list I though of:

  1. Hold it until you get a more desirable candidate
  2. Give it to F!F!Corrin, you were shown a strong one nust above!
  3. Give it to Camilla: she’s a fast flier with a nice mixed bulk & easy mergeability, a solid one with a detailed insight has been provided above!
  4. Give it to Ares: although I never tested it, he’s been shown to be a great candidate for it

Maybe, but she’d need a different special.
I think this build is nice, [Aether] heals her back up and puts back on [Guard 3] threshold

Yes,it could work. Unfortunately,I have no access to it,as of right now,so I didn’t use it,but I’ll consider it myself later in time.

I picked Slaying since it help with procing Aether more,to restore her HP in case of making her fall out of Guard’s HP threshold.

I thought about it since i still have my free 5* H!Dorcas from TT lying around.

The build is nice, its also good for arena scoring.
As for the different special, I think she has more options? She can go offensive with Luna or Moonbow, or self heal with Sol, its not the same compared to Aether, but its on lower CD. To proc more often

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Yes!, well I think she can try [Moonbow] for a bit extra of offense, she’ll be qute hard to deal with.
Or [Noontime] since her bulk is already high and is before buffs, she might not need much healing :thinking:.

But of the two [Moonbow] or even [Luna] convince me & now for the B-slot she can get [Vantage 3] :thinking:

You might want to save it for a better target?

Caeda (+6) +atk
Just as an fyi - she honestly wants galeforce setup

P!Felicia (+1) got 2 more copies +atk or +res
Since you have some copies and if you are ok with giving up SF3 fodder. Still, armors are past their time in this game. I will say she’s good in pve - I have her. Fast unit. Pretty cool. But that’s about it.

Ares +atk -spd (have considered him, but my units are quite saturated in red)
I love using DC/vantage on ares. I don’t use competitively, but he’s a lot of fun to play and is a good abyssal unit

H!Myrrh (could +1) +def
Definitely pass on her. She’s past her prime too.

And armor units like W!chrom, B!ephraim, Surtr, W!Lissa, V!Greil, Idunn.
Both Idunn and Ephraim want it the most out of this batch. Ephraim desperate needs it to be functional, otherwise Surtr is just better.

Before making a decision though, are there no infantry or other units you want to invest in that could use the DC, or the DC/SF3 combo? Something you can merge up and flower up to become a total beast? Giving the DC to an exclusive 5* is all well and good, but it’s potential is capped unless you start pulling more copies, and orbs are too rare for that. For example, the only exclusive 5* I would fodder V!ike to would be someone like Duma who is going to make your defense team a lot better and can take advantage of both skills very well. It makes Duma workable.

Otherwise though, DC can go to some interesting targets. For example, Seliph uses it well and when merged and gets his refine, becomes a very strong unit. With enough merges, he’s going to be a lot better than a lot of possible exclusives (at least until the they powercreep him). But I am just picking one example of many possible ones. It might be worth looking through the characters to see what would make good merge projects.

Also, have you given DC to your Nagas yet? That is definitely not a waste of fodder, even if it’s just to one of them. Makes astra matches a lot easier.

P!Felicia comes with sp3 though.
Caeda has galeforce, just added her cuz its my highest merge.
I have a lot of 4* units, and I dont really pay attention to most of them. I use quite a lot of ranged units.
I just dont keep updated on who is good with DC or who isnt. Or who is good 4* to merge up.
I dont really have many people in my friends list to look up different builds either.
Some people build their favorite heroes, some build heroes because they are good with such build. I only completed one game only, Path of Radiance, so my pool of favorite heroes is not that big. I did take a liking to a few in FEH.
But yeah, if there are any good options from the 4* pool, im also listening.

About naga, Im not into AR competitively, I just like watching my defense (more if its a win).
Every week i just play the normal 100 lift per game. Tier 20 is just fine for rewards. Also since I took a break, im behind in AR. Fort 4 in both offense and defense.