DC seal is finally here, let's see your DC builds 😎

Here’s my contribution


Imo saves are going to get the most out of it. Like this seems crazy:


I think my Corrin might enjoy it if I can improve her A skill from Push to Ideal and get her a menacing C skill to help her bulk. Oh, and a resplendent.

Although she’d then be much the same as Nowi.

Or maybe, if she would ever allow herself to be finished, Legend Corrin could have a free A skill and I could try something more interesting than just her base kit.

I have given up on merging her but I’m hoping to get legend chickens to fodder this month and I’ll be pulling colourless too in the vague hope she’ll bother to show up this time. If she again doesn’t bother, hopefully some Ash for Unity.


These dragons make pretty good use of it. Though I’m missing out on the breath effect on W!Sothis and Nagi for special acceleration. Can be fixed with units like Thórr though.

To be completely honest, I was hoping for DC-D to have an additional effect. First impression it doesn’t make a huge difference for me, we have some pretty good seals. Maybe with a powerful new A skill that will change.

I wonder if B!Tiki will make good use of it


We can finally make use of all the Melee Armors we gave DD4 & A/R Far Save from Henriette now lmao

But the thing is I have DC on both of them already xD

And now these are just better builds with a DC seal added, purely because of the extra effects. Not just with these skills, but Fortress D/R 3, Stances, Surge X, and others


Good ol’ Fury 4 + Vantage sweep Duma with Muspell support can work even better with this seal. Heck, Hardy Fighter 3 + Far Save is going to be an amazing combo on him with this seal too.

Just pretend this is Blackfire breath or Lantern Breath and this build could be promising on her with Dragon’s Ire. Though Naga’s refine + remix helps her prf skill a bit better.

Of course units like Thorr can help with special acceleration so guard or Atk/Def Unity (which I have on her) would be more important for her.

Possible Future Candidates


I’m never on here anymore, but when I saw the rewards, I considered it worth joining the conversation. Without wasting anymore timeー

Well… This was their biggest mistake but one I wanted for a long time hehehe
Here are some examples from my personal barracks of heroes who would use the DC seal really really well.
(Pretend they all have the seal lol. I started using Distant Defense 3-S as a placeholder)

Atk/Def Ideal 4 w/ DC, sheesh

Tier 4 Stance w/ DC, what a great combo!

Same thing.

I’m considering giving A!Mareeta a stance or ideal skill to use along with it. It’s flat out just better. She does have a/s solo 4, but Yellow Stance skills with solo seals are still superior to that.

This one sad because I just gave her DC :sob: What a waste lmao

She got DC a while ago, but SS3 or Fury 4 and DC-S is also better still.

I was hoping to give her DC soon, she was literally next on my list, but… I’m not sure now. She’s probably gonna be my main user of DC-S. With Atk/Spd Catch 4, it’s just unrivaled. Might inherit it to her as another option, but I’m definitely not rushing or spending orbs purely for that anymore. Simply gonna free-pull when I see Hector revival, etc. I digress.

Impact into DC :smiling_imp:
Might give Spd Smoke 4 (when I get a 3rd copy, Guin’s first) and Lull Atk/Spd (Have an abundance from HeroFest) to her too

Yet another unit I gave DC to

All I need is Far Save

I wanna articulate on this one a bit more. Honestly, as a dual phase brave unit, she was the best one to have Distant Storm, because that’s like 10-20 extra attack/damage per combat in both phases. Insane at the time. But now… The visible stats are better I think, with a DC Seal. Or just a catch skill. And units like her are literally the best users of Distant Storm/Close Salvo.
So because of this, those skills are virtually rendered obsolete. Going for the absolute best, min-maxing or w/e, it’s just not a viable skill family anymore. Want +5 attack in enemy phase? Just give a dual stance. If you want it in both phases, use Unity/Catch/Ideal/Solo, and you don’t have to lose 5 hp either. People literally use Mystic Boost to mitigate that hp loss, which isn’t withou opportunity cost. MB has a nice secondary effect, but it’s very situational. I don’t see any reason for them to introduce any new Counter skills anymore. If they do, I won’t pull for them. You can literally lock DC/CC seal on everyone. There are a lot less situations where you would want these skills anymore. The “push” effect ones are decent for vantage/desperation strats still I guess?
If they had more than a pathetic +5 to one stat, the conversation here would be different. This new timeline pretty muuuuch just adds more value to the Ward and Foil skills. Because those at least give a +10 total stat boost and are still effective on specialist builds. Units like her:

have no reason to take hits from physical opponents anyway. This build is better than Distant Stance, etc with any seal.

Close Ward even has the effect of "disables foe’s skills that “calculate damage using the lower of foe’s Def or Res” making it that much better.

On that note, it’s just overall better to use a tier 4 A-skill with DC, because not only does it offer better stats than a tier 3, by a small or large margin, it offers extra combat effects, which are of equal or better value to stats. So it isn’t much of a sacrifice at all.

I think them adding DC as a seal isn’t all black and white. There are pros and cons to everything. I wanted to try and point that out somewhat, I hope I did a decent job haha. I thiiink that’s all I have to say for now. But yeah 90% it is positive at least, for every player. Just, not so much when you have to fight people who are using it lol.

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Since Fae has or would have Def/Res Menace, you could also try out Def/Res Unity for ultimate synergy. Luckily she doesn’t have null debuffs in her refine, so it works

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Right now the DC seal is dragon exclusive so half the units you’ve posted can’t even use it

What’s up in the air is if/when they add more DC seals for specific types of units


W-wait, what? Oof

Hm. Well that’s good to know. But my points still stand. I wasn’t completely wrong on those at least, was I? if they did it once, they’ll do it again. I give it less than a year before they add another one. Release will be slow, but all they really have left to do is a Beast version, then the melee weapon triangle will surely be included all in one.

They might however do a CC version first. Probably for mages.

But yeah I saw the kanji for Dragon, but didn’t give it a second thought, so it flew right over my head oof. Shoulda known. No wonder everyone was posting dragons, lol… Just pretend my post was speculative xD

竜 Ryu being dragon, just for… the few that might not know. Idk.


Allow me to introduce

Kurthnaga my beloved
I will try to merge him next year if IS doesn’t spam me with boys
Maybe I can snatch some Kurthnagas on this rerun


Probably Grim van Doggo.

Probably together with A/R Far Save which is currently easy to get…if you aren’t f2p.

I also plan to change the A and B skill. Maybe making him more Res heavy


What I’ll probably stick with

What I would consider if I had the fodder (with charge+1 support of course)

What I would actively try to do given a new skill (basically a better svalinn shield in A so I actually feel comfortable countering evil enemies like Micaiah or Duo Chrom).


You monster ! :rofl:

Tfw herb stinker nation :feh_ikeheated:

I can’t decide between this or that? Both work very good regardless of what I choose…


I don’t have it yet but you can pretend I do


This bad boy still not appear on this topic so…

I might use this DC seal on my nagi, if i use the aegis shield build shown before (with DD 4 or something elsr)


For the TT+ I’ll let Corrin(f) play a bit around with the seal:

D/R Smoke would be very nice on her!

After that I’ll probably pass it to Lilith:

Please give her Spectrum Joint Unity for her refine :feh_lilithpray:

Althought L!Corrin would be a top contender as well:

I wish i had the BS4 fodder for doing that :sob:


A convenient swap for her since she already had a good A skill to start with. Need to decide what to give Seiros tho


This Seal is also a good motivator to finally merge up A!Tiki, especially since I could use a Red Dragon to round out the team, but I want to wait until CYL to see whether or not it’d be redundant.