Dead Heat Summer summon banner


I will propobly have around 350-400 sq and 30-40 tickets when event will be launched

I want to get Nobu so is it worth to wait for her solo banner or should i roll on the mixed one?

is there a big difference in probability of getting Nobu between those two banners? (1 servant on rate up vs 3)

You should wait for her solo rateup, rolling for a SR when she shares her rateup is like rolling for a SSR.


IIRC the odds are as follows

One SR: 1.5%
Two SRs: 1.2% each
Three or 4 SRs: 0.7% each


thx for replies

guess i will wait for her solo rate up… it will be difficult to hold myself back since her banner will probably be the last one

It’s ok,I believe in you…Use the splash attack.

I’ve lucked out this year because all the servants I want are sharing the same banner. I want Nero and Nobu most, but Nito and Fran are perfectly good consolation prizes . This Banner is Good Civ.