Deal with Arval on Aether Raid?

After he was introduced it makes a real pain for me. I am usually using counter based dragon as the primary unit, and you know, he obliterates almost everything he can seek, also he is the mythic hero of the a season so I have to encounter him each two weeks.

I have to drop Altina(yes, forfeit two mythic heroes buffs and only stick with Reginn) and take a colorless bow hero to deal with him during a season after I have beaten without any chance, and it works sometimes, but what’s your solution against him?

Is a colorless bow hero a mandatory choice? Yes dagger is also colorless and targets Def, but there is no inheritable brave weapon enough to attack twice and down him outright - only one hit is not enough to down him and the hero is expected to be knocked out by his counterattack.

Kinda just hope and pray with my current teams. I can tank him for a bit but once he starts moving around things can get hectic.

Also you would expect there would be a dancer/singer after him…

You should consider having at least one melee hit&run or galeforce team to deal with him. Canto control isn’t common on Anima season so hit&run with canto works very well.
Summer Edelgard is a very popular candidate. Brave Seliph also works well with his fixed 2 space canto, and of course Reginn.


More simply to kire’s point, player phase Arval. Why are you enemy phase tanking them? (Not that it’s impossible, just not ideal.) Stay out of range and move in for the kill on PP if possible.

My B!Edelgard randomly tanked one by accident in an Arena match I think just yesterday or something. She’s got Distant Stance, Warding Breath, supports, and Cross Spur RES on the team though.

It seems that Galeforce would be required for the melee heroes, indeed. My Reginn was not able to down him even if she had a chance to charge him.

I use Lynja a lot in AR so he hasn’t been a problem for me.

I know that’s not exactly helpful, but there are other good dagger units like Yuri who are great to have in that mode.

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That is strange because Reginn with Seidr Shell should be able to nuke Arval easily.

Perhaps that was because of Arval’s bonus season stats.


Definitely roll a colorless unit that hits Def or use a color cav that can player phase him.

Have you tried just killing him? :feh_lucyshrug:

“Hector”. There, I corrected it for you.

But seriously while my Hector can tank him, he does get thumped pretty good so make sure you got healers in hand and careful if you try and omnitank.

Don’t you realize that the very topic is HOW to do that?

And I need to prepare for the worst, as I have to make a plan for +10 Edelgard if I want any option other than surrender.

But I remember that it wasn’t his season. Perhaps it was because of some debuffs. You know, AR has more situational buff/debuffs than the other modes. Anyway it is actually surprised that Reginn CAN defeat him all by her own.

i just smack him dead w/altina.

Ah, okay. Tap your unit and then target the enemy Arval. Or you can drag your unit into the enemy, which is what I do most of the time.


DED :catsupine:


How’s the trick? Was her able to reach to him easily before you let him to make an attack?

Either hang back away from them, let Arval approach so you can player phase attack them, or accept one of your units as a sacrifice to draw them in so you can player phase attack them. Much easier than trying to tank those hits and kill on counter.

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So… it isn’t reliable that much either. Provoke them and retreat safely without lose a hero is not that easy task either.

Anyway, was Altina make a sure kill if she had a chance and usually she scores an overkill? I hadn’t run her since the refines so it’s actually interesting.

So you kinda have 2 options when it comes to Arval, and both have already been mentioned in this thread, albeit not exactly explicitly.

Option 1: Colorless physical ranged units; the ideal units in this scenario would be either Yuri or Lynja, who are solid units all around and enable a lot of stuff in AR, such as disable trap

Option 2: A physical powerhouse, probably brave, but there’s so many options for physical units they can be any number of things. To your point about worrying about getting away safely, cavs with trace skills are idea for this, or DuoEphraim who is a cav in disguise. They can also use galeforce to attack again or retreat as needed.