Dear Feh Community

I want to congratulate you and reward you on reaching this next phase of FeH. As a fellow player, I feel like it is my duty to inform each of you as to when a meta-shifting change occurs.

This however, is not one of those. It is a meta-solidifying change. Hardy Fighter is going to cause you problems. Severe problems. And here is why:

If you cannot kill him on turn 1, and if you are not using a guard effect, this man will have 75% DR every single time you attack him. Steady breath means his retaliation attack will recharge pavise fully for your 2nd attack. This will work with aegis as well. That means that even if hit twice, he’ll take a total of 50% damage from ONE attack. That’s worse than Bike’s level of DR. And this cannot be bypassed by Deadeye or sublime heaven.

Expect this setup or something similar to it on every save armor you see in top tiers from hereon out. Because while they may not be able to ohko you, you will not be able to orko them.




Ngl, this is why I don’t do AR. Shit like this happens. Plus, I just wanna enjoy my new Fighter skill


I always thought he is a better near save than far save. Mostly because people stick w his prf A skill. Though I will admit Bhector has advantage over other far save in that he does not have armor effective weakness, which can be a huge problem due to all the Micaiahs.

Now copy this set up to Gustav on a D/R near save…


Same. :catroll: I don’t even do the monthly “play AR” quests anymore, just Auto-Dispatch.


If the enemy can double, the damage is reduced by 94%. Even if you manage to hit through his massive defenses, the DR invalidates it all.

My one problem is the fact that even if he tank AS FUCK, he doesn’t deal that much against heavy tank… and don’t got guard against them

But otherwise yeah it’s disgusting. Add flayn and… heh 82% DR in total with her


That’s what sturdy/bracing stance 3 is for. CD4 is great but only if you have guard already. It’s a simple swap that’ll protecc Hecc against attacc

And look what he just so happens to have.


B!Alm + a dancer:



Or NFU L!Lyn


Where there’s a near save tank on defense

There’s a far save tank glued to its hip


She should be able to handle them too. Kinda her thing with such a build.


I don’t have any Deude … otherwise he’ll be already dead


If you have Tannenbaton+ for the healer behind the save tanks, you dont have to worry about Guard effect and can focus on negation of bonus/debuff and stacking DEF


I prefer staff of twelve tbh

Null guard is getting more and more prevalent on anti-armors these days. Better to just never die

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its always funny remembering how much random shit they put in b!hector’s refine so he just ends up using pretty much anything new well.


Just the kit to satisfy a save tank’s need. Or chill atk to double down on tankiness.

Also, theorically there always a counter move to any broken save tank formations. But REALISTICALLY, how many of us happen to have that specific counter-measure combination/situation at the right time and the right place?

It’s possible… Duel sim it, let’s see.

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The skills aren’t in it yet. I’d have run B!Eirika against this if they were.

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He’s on my dark defense rn, go try. Turn 1 can still orko him, but we’re testing after he gets his 2 CD pulse so just wait the first turn.