Dear IS Spy,

if you read this and the developers are out of ideas i can assume, that you are searching for some new ideas for a new banner. You’re old friend Skworter (Week 1 player by the way) got you covered. What about a good old Radiant Dawn Banner featuring my boy Pelleas?

What did you say? Pelleas is not important enough?

Maybe you should reconsider this idea my dear IS Spy. Without Pelleas Radiant Dawn would not work. He has a important role in the story like Micaiah, but gets overshadowed by her. But that does not mean, that you can remove him. Without him, there would be a big hole that cannot filled because of (SPOILERS!). Many players does not even get him as a unit, because you need to play through the game atleast once and then start a new playthrough. Do not forget that he is the Prince of Daein and later on King. If this does not qualify him a spot at a banner, i do not know what is wrong with you. (No Spoilers here please!)

What did you say? Males does not sale as much as females?

Oh my IS Spy i got you covered again, because i thought as much. I created a banner, that will make you earn a good chunk on him, while pleasing the Waifu fanbase.

(Do not judge me for Jill, could not find a good RD picture of her!)

Here you have a good banner that fulfills youre practice at the moment. Three females and one male. With Jill, this Banner will be a reason for players to summon on it. You are getting youre money and i get Pelleas. Fair deal right?
(The banners got better in the last time, but it has not completly stopped yet!)

And by the way, give us Jarod or Izuka as GHB or if we get a TT give us Meg or something. No one is going to summon for her anyway.

What did you say IS Spy? You are pleased!? Good to hear old friend!
If you need some new ideas, you can contact me everytime.

Your dear friend


I’m the IS spy




How could you!?!?


IS: Are they female?



IS: Well make them female. Looks at Loki and Thorr (and probably even an eventual Odin not the fates one)


He thought of it tho :thinkinglikelukas:

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Ok, if the spy sees this and makes their work, I’ll be sooooooooo happy. BUT I’d rather have Pelleas as a grail unit, he’s one of the “must +10” club for me. Like (yes) Fiona or (yes, yes) Meg.

NEVER a grail unit!

Sorry, but we’ve already decided that the newest banner will be 2 big tiddie mommys and 2 Loli Tiki alts with tier 5 powercreep skills.

IS Spy


How could you IS Spy? I thought we are friends that are drinking a alot every friday?

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Camilla & Loki Duo hero :camillamug:


I would be a terrible spy if I told all my secrets.

But it would be unexpected. What spy tells his own secrets?

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BUT WHYYYYY??? (I can understand, I just need to watch Rolf coming to FEH like he is :( )

Got it, Ill write it down. That will sell so well, thanks for the suggestion.
I think its a safe bet that if we replaced Hector and Lilina with duo catgirl Camilla and Loki, we would sell more units.


Easy. No access to IVs and the Canas treatment? No thank you.

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IS Spy at work again.

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Jill will probably be in the next farfetched heroes banner, I like Pelleas too ( he have my favorite Tellius ost as theme )


I forgot to write: “If Jill should be in the farfetched Heroes, then use some other popular girl from RD or give us PoR Jill in farfetched heroes”
And i thought i wrote everything down. I knew this would come up.