Dear VG

Can you please not put me with 3 blues up against a W!Sothis, or similar situations? Sincerely, Halo.


You have a duo unit, you’ll be FINE


No, I wasn’t actually. Duo Alfonse is good but he has his limits you know.


Also Eliwood didn’t even have special… make sure your leads are fully built people!


Understood. Time to whip out my lvl 40 skill-less (you might call him naked) Wrys :feh_humblecurate:


What do you mean Eliwood isn’t effective against this dragon? :feh_sothishook:


Gotta love VG


Unless you already got all the color usage flags, just surrender and try for a more varied team, that’s what I do.

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I’m supporting Alfonse, so naturally I’m using him for the bonus points.

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Sure, but you can try to get two different colors for your allies.

I thought they specified that you didn’t gain bonus points for using the unit during this Voting Gauntlet?

Did they?

Ah so they did.

If I understood correctly, you don’t get bonus points for the team, but you do for yourself. I’ll post the info in a minute.

Oh, okay. Thanks for the clarification.

So they removed that but kept the stupid multipliers, aka the worst part of the VG system. God damnit IS.

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Hey, without the multipliers, Altina would just win. Azura could win too, but… let’s hope 3 rounds are enough to avoid that.

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Yes, and guess what? That’s how this should be. It’s called a voting gauntlet for a reason. She had the most votes, so logically she should be the winner. That’s the entire point of voting systems.