Death Knight and the squad

So I decided to challenge myself to have the very best Death Knight, and I found he best way to do it
Beat all of the revivals with Death Knight and the Squad
Infernal difficulty, Death Knight has to be on team, and he has to get more than 50% of kills
Currently going well
Linus and :b:ulius have fallen
Man Death Knight is quite strong for me


What is his build?:feh_rein:




You can try with my build

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Uh ,nice :birbpeek:

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My turn on the xbox.

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Why draconic aura? Just out of curiosity.

This is Haar’s build isn’t it

To use his high atk

Are you beating them on Lunatic or Infernal? 1310977e8a540f34fea01b3d9afe9508

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With an incomplete build? How the hell?

He’s got the squad with him

Just guys being dudes

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My DK needs some help… :/

I promise I will build him though

Sorry, this ad seems more interesting to me. I’m gonna check it out.

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Are you gonna merge him? Budget build? Premium build?

I clicked this notification and it showed me the hentai ad again. I think GP wants the to embrace the hentai.


I think I’ll stick with budget for now but once I get a better grasp of how he rolls I might throw him some. Also yes, I’ll get another merge for him as soon as I do Infernal Julius :)