Death mechanic - how does this actually work?

So I just need some clarification regarding the death mechanic, since I’m not completely clear on how it works.

I think I understand the fundamentals of it, like, attacks with an instant death chance take the targetted servants/enemy’s instant death susceptibility (i.e. Kiyohime, 65%) and calculate the chance based on the attacks instant death chance multiplied by the target susceptibility.

What I don’t quite get is whether skills that impact death chance can stack? For example, if I were to use a support First Hassan and my own First Hassan’s Evening Bell Skill at lvl 10, followed by Nitocris’s Egyptian Magecraft at lvl 1, and then attack the enemy with Nito’s NP at 100% charge, would the actual chance of instant death triggering be greater than if I just used Egyptian Magecraft?

I would imagine that Evening Bell and Egyptian Magecraft could be used together since the former reduces the targets death resistance and the latter increases Nito’s change of triggering death, but I guess using Evening Bell twice wouldn’t work?

Sorry, this question seems pretty complicated now I wrote it down lol

Simple answer is yes. You have two stats, death success rate (Your character) and death resistance (Your target).

The way I understand it the chance of death actually triggering is your death success rate times your target’s death resistance. Since you change both you should in theory be able to greatly increase your chances in this way.

For enemy servants however, the chances are that small to begin with that it’s unreliable no matter how far you push your chances.

The formula for death is:
HitRate * DeathRate * (1 - DeathResistUp + DeathResistDown)

You go on the wiki and see Kiyohime’s death rate as 63% but that’s your Kiyohime. Enemy servants all have death rate of 0.1%.

HitRate is from the attack (usually increases with OC) while DeathResistDown is from Mystic Eyes/Egyptian Magecraft and are the stats you can control since hardly servants have instant death immunity.

The chance is pretty good against bronze and silver (sometimes even gold) because their death rates are usually between 60 and 80%, but both servants and most gold units have such low death rates it’s not even funny

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That’s some good numbers to remember. I’ll keep them in mind.

Has anyone crunched the numbers to see what the highest death multiplier you could feasibly stack up would be? I’m interested how much you could increase that 0.1% by.

Yes, and it’s really depressing.

If you stack First Hassan’s NP at 500% OC with a MLB Hydra Dagger, use both Saber and Assassin Shiki’s Mystic Eyes and then used the plugsuit to bring another Assassin Shiki/First Hassan to use ME/EB, you would have around 0.8% chance of Instant Killing a servant.

Against a Dragon (not wyvern) the chance grows to 8%, but it’s after all that preparing.
I only managed to do it once, with Passionlip’s 3rd skill she killed a 173k health Marie Antoinette, but it never happened again

0.8% IS THE MAX?!?!?!?!

That’s like… trying to pull an SSR with a single ticket but just to insta-kill an enemy.

I feel like it’s a mechanic used to torment us players rather than us being able to use it xD. I’m remembering the Shiki quest from CCC event now… shudders

The big takeway is we get doubly shafted, enemy Arjuna’s are insanely lethal for example vs any of your Divine Servants.

And the upcoming First Hassan Challenge, oh god. I still have PTSD from all the reloading.

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One nice way to beat his gimmick would be Skadi/Lancer Purgatorio since their NPs give Death Immunity and Evasion but i don’t think either of them will be available at the time.