Dec CD

Does anybody know if I teach a pokemon like a charizard a second charge move over the community day weekend, will it learn blast burn automatically?

No, it won’t.

Ok so it has to be evolved then?

Yes, they must be evolved during the eligible period to gain the special move.

Fully-evolved ones caught during the same period (wild or from raids) will also have the move, but finding most of these will probably be remote. Some of the base/second stage species will be available from raids, but the only fully-evolved form likely to be in raids is Tyranitar.

TM-ing the special moves unfortunately doesn’t work. It’s something that’s been campaigned for a few times though, and I’ve heard rumours about a special TM that will do just that, but that’s all they are - rumours; I wouldn’t put any faith in it.

I demand justice for my two perfect Gastly!

…and the perfect Venusaur and 98% Blaziken that I evolved shortly before Community Days were introduced.


Well this is the result of people who go along with posts that says: “Evolve it now, you will get enough the day of the event, IV doesn’t matter”. Then when the day of the event is near you found a lot of post of these kind asking if the 100% Mon they evolve months ago can get the moves in any miraculous way. Finally the day of the CD a lot of players end up crying and we get a lot of post that says “No one told me to keep my (insert name of obvious 3 stage mon that doesn’t have shiny before is CD here) for this”, “Does nobody think of the children anymore?!”.

So if I have a chameleon I want to evolve on community day will it learn its move while evolving into charity? Or does have start off as charmander?

Yes, it will

Chameleon will still learn the community day move?

When it evolve to Charizard during the CD time lapse, it will learn the move.

Right on thank you. And it’s from 9 am till 9 PM Saturday and Sunday?

Yes, on December 14 and 15 , 2019

Not exactly. It’s from 9:00 AM Saturday, Dec. 14 until 9:00 PM Sunday, Dec. 15. It includes the evening hours, because some people (me, for example) want to evolve an Umbreon, which has to be done at night. This also gives one the advantage of not having to worry about evolving right after catching during the period from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM, when selected CD pokemon will have their appearance boosted (It’s about half of 2019 for each of the two days - the 2018 CD pokemon will appear in eggs and raids).

Also, I can guarantee that in the past, first stage evolutions get the move when evolved to their second stage. I caught a 98% Monferno in a raid some months ago, and evolved it to Infernape (during the Chimchar CD) and got Blast Burn. No reason to assume this one will be any different.

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Thank you all. Just trying to make sure I am planning this out alright

This is my first community day. I have missed the rest because of work

Enjoy. In your position, I’d prioritize:

Metagross - great with the CD move, below average without it.
Swampert - gets best move in the game from CD. Very strong in PvE and PvP. Having many is a good thing.
Tyranitar - With his CD FAST move (Smack Down), he becomes a formidable rock attacker. Still good without it, but it’s a better move than Bite.

A few of the rest are noteworthy:
Salamance - with Outrage (CD move), it’s a bit better for raids than Dragonite, but still behind Rayquaza.
Umbreon - with Last Resort(CD) and Snarl and Dark Pulse, very effective in Great League PvP. If PvP isn’t your thing, skip it.
Mamoswine - Powder Snow/Avalanche is the must have move set, and doesn’t require the CD, but if you get the CD move Ancient Power, it can be more effective in PvP. Bulldoze (edited, thanks elinka) as a second move (not CD) is also effective, and has STAB, but isn’t top shelf like Avalanche. Again, if PvP isn’t your thing, skip it and just evolve normally, and TM to double Ice moves.

I enjoy pvp raids all of it really. Thank you very much. If you guys have any other advice let me please. Thank you!!

Pretty sure mamoswine knows bulldoze, not earthquake.

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