December cd question

I’ve seen a lot of people say things like they are saving their shadow beldum to evolve on December cd, so they can get the elite move even if it’s cd was a different year? (For example evolving a Dragonair on Dec cd 2020)

In December 2019, they gave us the ability to acquire the special moves featured in the 2018 Community Days, so it’s a reasonable assumption that December 2020 will also provide the same thing.

Again though, it’s an assumption. It wasn’t clear if they were going to allow the previous year’s moves in Dec 19 until we got close to it, and it’s possible they might not go back 3 years worth of CDs, but it seems likely that they will.

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Thanks for the clarification :grin:

During the December CDs they also release all previous pokemon over 2 days…

Don’t expect to see many Beldum, Bagon, Dratini or anything else useful, but get ready to catch those Weedle, Abra and Gastly :rofl: :rofl:

People should realise the consequences of voting for junk pokemon for CDs

Can some clarify exactly what the December CD entails? I keep hearing “wait until Dec CD.” Is it a CD that includes all the CD pokemon?

Basically, yeah. It’s second chance at all the previous months.

Check out the blog post to see what December '19 entailed:

On most CDs, you get tons of one particular pokemon, and evolving it during the CD window gives you a special move (Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, Frenzy Plant, for example).

On the December CD, you get some more of all the pokemon that have had CDs, and evolving any of them during the CD window gives you the special move. The December window is usually all weekend, instead of the 5-8 hour window for most CDs.

Example, last summer I hatched a perfect Beldum while on a trip. I marked it, and evolved it during the December CD to get Meteor Mash. Used to be the only way to get that move - now you can also use an Elite TM to get a CD move. (Personally, I’m saving my Elite TMs for very special occasions. I have three, which I think is the max as I write this, and no desire to use them on anything other than Precipice Blades, Origin Pulse, Psystrike, or moves of comparable power. That will change as we see what other moves are available, and how easy it becomes to get an Elite TM.)

Well, if they don’t, they will loose a lot of recent players. I’m really fed up with facing constantly cd pokemon that i can’t have, and if i will never be able to have them unless paying for the elite TMs… well, there are many other games.