December CD

I am just curious if there is any chance that this December’s Community Days will give 2018’s exclusive moves to pokemon evolved during that time. I have been assuming it is just for 2019 CD pokemon, but someone recently told me they were saving all their Larvitar to evolve on December CD for Smack Down. Anyone have any insight or intelligent guesses?

I don’t think anyone, except for Niantic, knows the answer to this. They must certainly be aware of the desire though, and it’s not beyond the realms of possibility for it to happen, so I’m remaining quietly confident that it will.

It certainly doesn’t hurt to save those good IV specimens for December, given there’s limited use for them for them otherwise at the moment. Smack Down Ttar, while good, is a little less essential than it was in June 2018 so missing it probably isn’t going to be a particular disappointment for me, but I have a couple of hundo Beldums that I’d love to make use of and another shot at the starter’s special moves for PvP would also be appreciated.

As Skywalkered said, nothing has been confirmed. Players speculate it will happen and it doesn’t hurt to hold out.

We can’t know for sure, but i’m hoping they’ll give us the opportunity to get all CD legacy moves, while keeping the spawns limited to this year’s CDs


I’ve got mine ready. Now I just need to walk 2000km before CD

Hey, so I’m wanting to plan this December CD.
I’m a causal player who has next to zero Pokémon knowledge so…with the long list of Pokémon included in this CD what’s the best way to prep and which Pokémon are better to focus on? I’m guessing there isn’t going to be huge spawns of every mon at every lured up stop!?
What eggs are going to have the special mons in?
I managed to take part in the Turtwig and Trapinch days so I’ll be catching them if nothing else is around just for dust.
Any tips and plans welcome.

This is from the Silph Arena. Good quick reference. Do NOT sleep on a double charge move Flygon, however.

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Nice one cheers!

This is for PvP, which new or casual players are unlikely to participate in.

  • Beldum: Metagross with Meteor Mash is an essential gym attacker and defender, as well as a top counter to three legendaries in Gen 5/6.
  • Larvitar: Tyranitar with Smack Down is fantastic in many Rocket battles and will be useful against four legendaries in Gen 5. Try to get a high-IV one (and candy) from Rocket grunts that say “Let’s rock and roll!”
  • Bagon: Salamence with Outrage is a key counter to three legendaries in Gen 5.
  • Swinub: Mamoswine is the best Ice attacker, with wide coverage for both gym offence and legendary raids. It ranks lower because its best moveset is not CD-exclusive and there are other ways to get it (Piloswine is a common tier 3 raid boss and the Use 5 Razz Berries research task rewards Swinub).

Even though during Supereffective Week, one of the perks is double dust for Trainer Battles, there’s a Rocket Box in the shop for Team Rocket battles, and as we speak there’s an entire mini event based on Rocket battles? Be contrary if you want, Rocket battles are the PVP gateway and Niantic isn’t about to place less emphasis on that. So “unlikely” is not the term I’d use.

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I can argue a bit. Im fighthing Grunts often, but dont care about PvP , only takes daily rewards… I using only my PvE powered mons here and its enough to take them down. No need 2nd attacks etc.

For newer players, PvE shoould be more important, cause here is way to get resources to ewentually future PvP things :)

That rocket box looks good value!?

For a casual player focused on PvE, here’s the ones I’d focus on:

Beldum: Metagross without Meteor Mash is pretty weak. Get it while you can. Last year we had Beldum day in November, and then December gave the redo weekend for everything. If you missed those, this is your chance to get the big bopper of nonlegendary Steel attacks.

Larvitar: Smack down makes Tyranitar (affectionately called Smacktar with the Smack down move) a great rock attacker. Cranidos, and Terrakion have alleviated the need somewhat, but Smacktar still does very well for itself.

Mudkip: The starters are blessed with some of the best moves in the game, but stats well below those of the legendary and pseudo-legendary pokemon… Of these, Swampert comes the closest to breaking through, having better DPS than Kyogre with Hydro Cannon. (That will end if/when Origin Pulse becomes available, assuming it’s anything like what’s in the game data.)

Bagon: Salamance with Outrage is very good in PvE, a hair better than Dragonite with the same moveset. If you’re weak on Dragon attackers, grab one or two of these. (Dragonite’s CD move, Draco Meteor, looks cool but is less effective in PvE combat than Outrage.)

Those IMO are the big 4 (or big 3.5 if you want to reduce Bagon to a half).

To get ready for the CD:

Get as much candy as you can for your targets. Walk them, trade them, catch them (with pinaps), feed them berries when you see them in gyms, etc. It takes 124 candy to evolve from base form to final evolution (which is where you get the CD move). That’s 125, but you get one back for the first evolution. If the candy is tight, a purified version reduces that to 111 (22+90-1). Note that for 2019 stuff, you can also catch them on the days of (see schedule), and for the 2018 pokemon, you can get them in raids, or from eggs, which will also give you candy, as well as a decent specimen to evolve if you need that.

If you plan on getting a Last Resort Eevelution, plan ahead so that you can get your evolve in - either make sure you have the appropriate lure, or have walked Eevee far enough to get the form you want. (I’m going for a Last Resort Umbreon; I’ve already walked my candidate Eevee 10km. Just have to remember to buddy up with it before evolving.)

Identify your evolution targets, and (probably) give them special names so you can find them easily. Knowing just which pokemon you plan to evolve makes things go more smoothly - but of course, the 96% you planned to evolve can sit on the shelf if you catch or hatch a 98% or 100%.

Free up your time on CD day, and plan a good place to hunt. Plentiful stops will make it easier to keep your bag full. Frequent spawns (and lures) will keep the area full of pokemon for you to catch, etc. If part of your plan is doing selected raids, being close to a number of gyms will make it easier to find what you want.

Good luck.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

IMHO the most relevant pokemons that need cday exclusive moves for PvE are:

Venusaur, Tyranitar, Blaziken, Swampert, Metagross, Salamence

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Plus CD move for shiny charizard, whether you need it or actually want it…somebody else might want another one (×3 Meteor Mash Shiny metagross)


Although Rocket battles use PvP mechanics, they are closer to PvE than pure PvP in several ways: the opponents are AI-controlled (thus consistent in how they use shields), there is a narrow (albeit evolving) list of possible opponents and what you are facing can (to a large extent) be determined before the battle.

Casual players would want to participate in Rocket battles, but very few would participate in pure PvP, which requires far more resources and coordination with other trainers.

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As said earlier: Metagross, Tyranitar, and Swampert are must-haves to evolve during the CD period. There’s others to get candy for too: Bagon, Ralts, Trapinch, etc. I wouldn’t sweat the other starters too much. Roserade is the best Grass-type anyway, Blaziken is still usable w/out the CD move (but not as good). Not likely to have a better Water-type for some time so get a Swampert while you can!

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Agree. I added Salamance to my list above because I felt that a casual player was less likely to have a trove of powered up dragons, and casual players probably have more use for generalists than a more serious player who will have all the counters and optimized pokemon.