December CDay or Elite Charged TM?

As you can probably tell by the photo, I’ve had this hundo shadow Bagon for quite some time.
It is currently a LVL 32 Shelgon which of course has not been purified since. I’m debating whether I should wait until December to evolve and have it know Outrage or I could use my Elite Charged TM at this very moment after I evolve it and max it out (which I do now have enough candies and stardust thanks to Dragon Week).

If there are any other options for the Elite Charged TM that you think are the same if not better than Outrage on this crazy rare shadowmon, please do let me know down below!

First of all, congrats!! An amazing mon indeed.
I believe you have to ask yourself if you would use it in the near future. If yes, then go ahead! But if you feel you don’t need it now, then wait for the eventual december CD. It’s true elite tms are not so scarce, but I personally would wait

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Megas were announce to come this year and salamance have one, if you don’t have the absolute need of it, you could wait to know how the mechanic will work(for example: shadow could or could not Mega evolve).

Save it for Christmas CD.

Unless you shortman Tier 5 raids AND there’s a raid that’s relevant, it would just be a waste of an Elite TM

Would DM from a :100: Shadow Salamence be the highest damage move in the game? Or maybe that would be Psystrike from :100: Shadow Mewtwo? :thinking:

Total overkill but I just ponder :sunglasses:

It’s probably giga impact from regigigas, but it’s not super effective on anything so it’s almost useless.