December, mainly Keldeo really

Looks like we get Keldeo (presumably the base-form, no SS) via research on the weekend after next (10-11 Dec). Am I right in thinking that in Go it’ll have Terrakion’s exact stats, albeit some different resistances owing to the rock-water 2nd type difference?

Doubtless it’ll have its uses in GBL, but does it have any advantages in PvE? I can’t instantly see many.

In an aside, Kyurem is in T5 end of December, waiting to see if it gets Glaciate and more importantly, whether there’s any hint of the BW variant in the offing. Probably not if they’re giving us Keldeo this month,but you never know.

Its use might be limited in GBL as well. His moveset according to PvPoke is :

Fast Move = Poison Jab, Low Kick
Charge Move = Close Combat, X-scissor, Aqua Jet, Hydro Pump

Just like his name, the moves seem ordinary !

As you said, as of now it is not much viable, better attacks will help him to perform better.
It can do learn better fast move as double kick, and as you said with Sacred Sword, it might perform better.


How did you knew about this ?

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Events - Leek Duck | Pokémon GO News and Resources I also follow their Facebook page.

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Keldeo is Terrakion with better typing and worse moves. With the same moveset I can see it outperform Terrakion, but we probably have to wait for a long period. I’m not sure whether Keldeo will be given Sacred Sword, since it has own Secret Sword, which may be an upgrade.

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We are also getting the Gen 7 crab, as well: Crabrawler.

Crabominable’s defensive typing leaves it rather vulnerable and it’s only slightly less glassy than Kingler. Crabhammer is still a good move even without STAB, and it also has access to good energy generation (from Bubble), and a choice of STAB Ice Punch or baity Power-Up Punch. Despite this, it doesn’t seem to be much of an improvement (if at all) over the crabs already in the game.

Crabominable does have a signature move (Ice Hammer) but it’s anyone’s guess whether it will ever be added to GO. Unfortunately, it can’t learn Counter in the main series. Kinda makes you feel crabby, doesn’t it?

It is being provided to those who had purchased the ticket for Mythic Blade, and later for those who will get it by worldwide research tasks

Wow, paid events 3 weekends in a row. I wonder if they’ll charge for “winter wonderland” and sweep the whole month.

Is ‘Ordinary’ Keldeo the Terrakion mimic?

@cloudysarah what’s the problem? It’s not like there’s a global financial crisis, skyrocketing cost of living, a war driving up the price of oil, countries still recovering from a global pandemic or anything. If all that was happening, all of these paid events and increased prices would be really shitty in Niantic’s part… anyway I’ve been living in a cave for the last two and a half years, I’m off to check the news. Hope there’s nothing bad in there


@Oaf But no one ever needs money around the holidays! : P

On the bright side I’m hoping they repeat the holiday costumes without adding too many. I went on a roll last year over like only 3 days(mostly just the 17th!):

(3 of those^)

If I can get a shiny holiday Stantler or maybe even Glaceon or another Pika to evolve I’d be psyched; I’ve never completed the shiny costume set for an event in full yet.


I had got a full 3* Cubchoo last year, but it was transferred yesterday to increase the Pokémon storage.

I don’t like why we cannot evolve costumed Pokémon.

When you have more storage, it’s probably worth keeping them, I sat on a shiny, costume togepi for 2 years before they made it evolveable.

But yes, I’d have binned it too if space was at a premium.

I am currently capped at 450. And item storage at 500.

This should be lowest capacity here around :rofl:

What we can anticipate about Crabominable ?