Deciding between Waver versus Skadi

So, while I’ve been operating under the assumption that I should “definitely get Skadi when she drops”, the more rational side of me asked “why?”.

I don’t really think I have any of the most notable Skadi-type characters aside from Parvati, Atalante, and Astolfo. I’m not really interested in going for any of the other servants either, and frankly I just don’t like the Quick play style anyway. However, I can’t argue with what’s effective.

Waver, on the other hand, can go with virtually any servant and still remains the ultimate Swiss army knife of the game. He can also provide the 50% NP gauge that Skadi can for servants that need it, albeit by using each of his three skills compared to Skadi’s one.

My greatest concern with going for Waver, and what has largely kept me at bay from going for him, is that he isn’t a limited servant. Thus, he could spook at any time. He certainly hasn’t, though. I’m also quite a fan of Scáthach both in terms of character, design, and just the virtue of being a waifu.

Do you think it would be better for my purposes to grab Waver and support my more diversified roster, or acquire a Skadi and boost what Quick servants I have in the upcoming meta shift?

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Do another trick, go for Merlin and CasGil.

Both of those I have already. What’s this trick you have in mind?

Waver for me. His NP charge capabilities is more versatile and in total grants a total of 90 NP. (50 for one ally and 20 for the two others.) This allows you to 3 turn with at least only 2 Kaleids with one friend support w/Kaleid. You could also substitute with weaker NP charge CEs if your servant has self NP charge, say Spartacus with Imaginary Element.

Still though, Skadi crit damage can become ludicrous and that evade in her NP ensures more survival for the team. Still, will roll for her when she comes even though I have Waver cause why not?

Well…from a pure gameplay POV, double Skadi just enables more than double Waver.

Plus Waver could spook.

Consider rarity. Skadi is just getting her second banner on JP, so she’s very limited. Not only can Waver spook, but I think he gets multiple rate ups.

Honestly, it’s his NP gain and sheer versatility that really speak to me, at least more so than the memes Skadi can enable. But I can’t deny the latter is enticing, which is why it’s so hard for me to decide.

Is that not just with specific Quick servants, though? Like doesn’t her usefulness fall off a decent bit outside of Quick teams, similar to Tamamo with Arts?

This is true, but also at a technically lower probability than the rate-up, and I don’t plan to dolphin this game for much longer.

Yeah, that’s a good point, though is just using one as support not going to be enough? Merlin and Waver can actually function on their own. Tamamo can too.

Good point. I always mention that I prioritize servants with fewer rate ups. How many banners so far in JP for Skadi anyway?

I’m not that concerned with double supports either. But by having the main supports, it gives you more flexibility with which friend support you choose.

I mean, that’s true, and the primary reason I went for my own Merlin. Well, that and the Lalter/Salter companion rate-ups…

There’s her initial rate up next year’s anniversary in July.

Then there’s the rate up right now in JP, which would be November 2021 for us.

Sure being outside of quick teams means no Primeval rune shenanigans but consider she still has an effective 30% attack buff and a 50% battery. Which is great everywhere. Tammy is so much worse than Skadi in general use. Also Skadis NP is a mix of Jeanne and Holmes NP which is pretty solid stuff. I use skadi alot even with my buster farming teams because Skadi saves me from doing an extra click for her 50%.

Waver is far better if you don’t plan on using Quick.

As for Waver spooking, it’s very unlikely so you should roll for him if you already have your favorite servants.

Well, yeah it falls off outside of quick teams.

But you’re underestimating how much she trivializes a lot of the farming content in the game. Parvati under Skadi is ridiculous.

Kama under Skadi is a monster.

Having your own Skadi lets you borrow Summer BB for quick/crit memes with whomever—Achilles, Holmes, Okita, Ridetoki, Jack, Zerklot, Dantès, Melt, Saber Fran, Parvati, Santera, etc.

Not underestimating, I just don’t know, lol. Trying to get a better idea of her strength so I can decide between the two is my goal here. I will say that I’m not big on farming or min-maxing, so this doesn’t really speak to me terribly much, though that’s not to say it isn’t helpful.

This is likely the biggest benefit at least for me since I know ever since I got my own Merlin, I’ve greatly enjoyed borrowing damage supports rather than someone else’s Merlin. A lot easier to fill holes in my composition this way.

Here’s the ultimate power move. Whale for Waver, Tamamo, Merlin, and Skadi and just feed them to Angra Mainyu (or Gilles Caster if you don’t have Angry Mango) for EXP.

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If you don’t like quicks playstyle, ignore her. It’s that simple. And the argument against rolling for Waver because he can spook is stupid. The odds of him spooking you are so damn low you’re always better off rolling for him.

whale for np5 of each of these

and then feed all 20 copies to angra/casgilles

be sure to record it as well :fgo_bbgrin:


This Skadi is only for Quicc meme needs to die. Reminds me of when Merlin came out and lots of people tried to pigeonhole him as buster support. Its as if people just get blindsided by the 50% card buff and forget that the rest of their kits still exist. Skadi is very good even if you dont do the 3T loop farming thing.

Literally just look at many of the CQ vids that came out since her release. Stuff like

The similarities between all the videos is the fact that all use Skadi but NONE of the DPS shown have quick NPs. In fact you find her alot in buster comps. All mainly due to the fact she has a 50% battery. Guys like targetable 50% charge is one HELL of a drug okay. Any servant with 2 halfway decent quick cards like OKitan and Sherlock as shown can get alot of mileage from Skadis quick mana burst.


Skadi, no question. At worst (no Quick servant), she still provide about as much as Waver offensively, skill wise. Losing 20% party charge is a minor loss, but not a significant one. Most Waver-based 3T farming comp don’t aim to maximize drop CEs anyway, and the majority of them are made with friend’s Waver in mind, using Arash/Spartacus/Saber Lily/etc… as the attacker. Having your own Waver doesn’t improve your drop efficiency a lot, usually its just a +2 from a friend’s MLB drop CE while you field your own frontline.

Getting Skadi, then grabbing Parvati from the Abigail campaign ticket allow you to 3T the Christmas lottery with 5 free CE frames, massively increasing your efficiency, more than Waver can provide you. If you decide you still want Waver down the line, there’s the Case File pre-campaign, where he is the sole rateup servant, with NO CE ATTACHED. Perfect chance to snag a few extra Scopes and Black Grails as well