Deciding on a Wyrmprint for Naveed


I use Naveed for Void Zephyr and just recently I pulled my final Sisters of the Anvil to MUB it for 8% Strength Doublebuff. Now, I also have Shining Overlord which provides a massive 30% increase in skill damage. I was wondering which wyrmprint would improve my DPS more?
Edit: Thanks!


I think the general rule for DPS is skill damage > strength > crit

30% increase in skill damage is huge, I don’t think any other base wyrmprint will give him more DPS than that.


Agreed - Shining Overlord is just gross in power.

Sisters of the Anvil, while alright, isn’t that great. Strength Doublebuff only lasts for 15 seconds on Naveed and while it can be procced frequently with his S2, is still only 8%. 30% (35% MUB) skill damage is much much more, and while it only affects one (maybe two skills if you use a weapon skill) skill, will see a lot more potential for you in the long run. Timing a skill use during a break point will be super viable too and allow you take advantage of the ‘burst’ potential of the wyrmprint.


If you have flash of genius, that could be powerful with shining overlord once 2 wyrmprint system is released