Deciding Which Tamamo to Roll For

As I started hearing the hype for Summer Umu, I looked ahead and decided to save up for her. At the same time, I decided to try for Tamamo Lancer, since my current best Lancer is Jalter Lily and the wait would give me enough time after SE.RA.PH to build some quartz back up.

However, when I was trying to plan out my SQ, I didn’t notice the original Tamamo was in this banner. My go-to team tends to be Altria Archer and Waver, so boosting my Arts team seems like it would be pretty helpful.

In terms of budget, I try to stay F2P, but I have already slipped in whaling for Melt and have resigned myself to whaling for Umu if necessary. Currently, I’m sitting at 260 quartz and 12 tickets, so barring exceptional luck I won’t get both Tammys.

The original version helps with my Arts team and rolling for her would give more times to build up SQ for Summer Umu, however she also has multiple other banners in the future.

The Lancer version would give me a strong single target Lancer, and to my knowledge she doesn’t come back after this summer’s rerun.

So in short: go for Tamamo now, or wait for her Lancer form?

tamamo caster is better i think.She is a staple in every arts team and she makes them way more viable.
On the other side if you lack a st lancer then you can roll afterwards for either kiyo lancer(she shares summer tamamo’s banner) or railou summer(raikou is stronger but kiyo has a better design(kiyo is great too))
So i would roll for tamamo if you like arts teams

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She will be back for the 13 million (it will be 10 million in NA) download banner in late May/Early June next year:

Caster is one of the best servants in the game but if you have Waver and need a Lancer I would say go for Tamamo Shark.

That said, Byrn is having a rate up in September and Shishou should have a rate up either thanksgiving or New Years this year and imho they are much better Lancers against non-males.

Just something to think about.


i would also argue that raikou lancer is stronger than all of them xD but yeah while tammy lancer is strong,she is by no mean op or something

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Okay, people seem to be in agreement to go for the original Tamamo and roll a ST Lancer sometime later. Sounds good to me. Thanks everyone!


but casko can spook you at any time, so…

burn those quartz my son and may your rolls be blessed by the ultimate housewife


with an extremely high percentage of 0.02% xD.
Still waiting for my jack spook tho
jokes apart yeah you’re right

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she np3 spooked me last christmas event rolling for the 5-star ce

ah nice ,in my case i’ve been blessed with caster spooks,apart from illya i have all ssr caster now.
If i see a golden caster during the gssr then i know i got raped xD

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Jack loves spooking me too! All 3 on tickets on non rate up banners. There are a few others I’d like to spook me, but I won’t complain if jack comes again.

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burn those quartz my son and may your rolls be blessed by the ultimate housewife

Don’t I know it, having spent upwards of 900 crystals to finally get her in a drunken mood…:rofl:

Otherwise, OP, regarding summer get-up foxy, you can also look at what sort of buster-buff types you got in your crew: lower rarities such as Shakespeare or particularly Leon would already go a long way in enhancing her performance together with the ubiquitous NEET Memelin you may find among frens. However, if blue-carding things is well and truly your bread and butter and you are looking for that supreme synergy with summer-Nera, vintage foxy is the way to go.

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Summer Tamamo is infinitely more fun to use than regular Tamamo.

On top of having a wet t shirt ascension over half of the archers in the game are male and she does overcharge male damage on her NP. Don’t forget about berserkers and even avengers that are male too.

I got Tamamo caster about exactly 2 months after Summer Tamamo. Summer is bond 10 and Caster is bond 5. People love supports and rightfully so but I love Tamalancer. If I were forced to give up one of my Tama’s I’d be giving up Caster 10 times out of 10.

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Well, it took almost everything I had (I’ve got 1 10 spin and a single left in me), but:

Now I just need a few hundred EXP cards to level her and a black hole’s worth of mats to get her skills up. Oh God, what have I done?

On another note, I also now have Demiya and Emiya Assassin, and for the first time since I started playing at the end of last summer, I now have non-welfare gold Servants past NP1 (Emiya and Demiya are both NP3 now, and serious, I’ve never pulled any gold servant more than once before now).

I’m still probably going to at least try for Tamamo Lancer, but now I’ll at least be less heartbroken, knowing that her quartz went to… well her, and knowing that she’ll be back eventually.


Tamamo Lancer is essentially a Lancer version of Orion with some quirks. For killing Male Archers, she’s the best. However, her NP damage against anything that’s not male is actually lower than that of Kiyo Lancer. Kiyo Lancer makes for a pretty good ST Buster Lancer, but her 1st skill is not too useful (AoE Crit Chance down). Raikou Lancer is a Buster Crit machine. She’s basically a ST version of Lalter.

Then, of course, there’s your dependable fox shrine maiden. She is hands down the best Arts support in the game. Not much else to say about that.

I guess it all comes down to what you prefer. If you really want a ST Lancer, any of the 3 Summer Lancers are pretty good, and OG Mikon is the premier Arts Support Servant.

Edit: I now see that you’ve already made up your mind. I guess you can completely disregard everything I just said.