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So as we all know we are getting a new 4 star ticket! So I wanted opinions on some of the servants who I was considering. For starters I have zerklot at np2 and was thinking of getting him at np3. Another choice would be getting fran or astolfo too np2. Then lastly I was considering picking up nito since she would be new! Or maybe a new parvati would be good :thinking:

(Also I heard that zerklot with double skadi requires a superscope but I don’t have it MLB’D yet, so I was thinking of regular scope with the 20% charge uniform for farming eventually with double skadi, any thoughts on that?)

If you’re going for Skadi an Np3 Zerkelot will certainly complement her quite well.

If you’re specifically thinking about Skadi looping neither Fran or Astolfo are great for looping as they need specific setups in order to do it well (debuff cleansing for Fran and I think an mlb scope for Astolfo) so np levels won’t really help for looping.

Nito is a good pick for farming but I don’t know how good for you she would be without seeing your roster because if you already have good farming units she’s not nearly as good.

Parvati is extremely compatible with Skadi looping and can even do it with just one however her damage is a bit on the low side so her performance at Np1 will definitely pale in comparison to an np3 or even np2 lancelot.

If you don’t have superscope you can still loop with Lancelot but you’ll need your own waver in order to do it well. Using the 20% charge mystic code will leave Lancelot short on some waves (enemy dependent of course) which will obviously stop the loop so you’ll need a Waver to help Lancelot charge that last bit of np he’ll need.

Nah Nito won’t really help you all too much honestly, you’ve already got a decent set of farming units that should easily clear nodes where she would be useful.

Then, what would your choice be since I don’t need an np1 nito

Nice team…

Go Parvati. Her NP gain is amazing, good stargen, AOE chanced charm on NP, her low attack is the only true downside, but at least she has 2 diferent buffs to compensate for that.

Parvati is probably the better pick if we’re talking Skadi wise. Her damage is low but as I mentioned she is very compatible with Skadi and she can still clear most nodes relatively easily including one of the Christmas farming nodes for this year.

so anyone other thoughts or opinions?

If we’re talking gameplay, I’d be leaning towards Parvati since you don’t have her. NP1 is going to suck for neutral damage, tbh, but that doesn’t negate Parvati’s other benefits. Also sets you up to be ready to jump to NP2 when you eventually get another copy.

Nitocris is still an interesting non-Skadi option. Yes, terrible damage at NP1 (not that hot at NP5, either), but she fills a great event farming niche with her ability to charge herself to 100% NP with a single skill, letting her carry any CE you want. There are a surprising number of nodes out there with trash bronze enemies that are highly susceptible to instant death. Since her instant death probability doesn’t scale with NP level, an NP1 Nitocris with the right skill levels can be just as or more powerful than an NP5 one. Can also leverage NP chains (e.g. Waver NP followed by Nito) to improve instant death chance.

I plug Nito here because I assumed for a long time that I, as a huge whale, didn’t need her. I eventually gave her a chance, and she’s now a staple of many event and basic mat farms.

Yea, i’m really leaning toward Nito since I was gonna pick her last free ticket but went with Fran instead. And regarding Parvati what benefits exactly are you referring too, and would fran be worth getting np2 before I get a nito or not even close?

If you are talking about parvati, her farming poder(like all the Skadi farm teams) is based un the overkill bug si more NP level more overkill = more NP refound

The relative gain of getting a servant from NP1 to NP2 is much greater than NP2 to NP3 so if it’s between getting Astolfo to NP2 or Lancelot to NP3 I’d go with astolfo without a second consideration.

well If it’s between my np2 choices then I would probably go fran over astolfo, but as Gou said above NIto is also a really good choice and she is on of my top choices right now.

I was referring to how Parvati happens to generate some stars with her NP, recharges party NP when she uses it, and also has a chance of charm (obviously not consistent, but useful once in a while). She also has a targetable NP charge skill, though it’s much easier to use without a problem at NP2+ because it drains her own NP gauge slightly.

Fran I’m not really a fan of since her self stun has to be accounted for if you want to do anything with her except nuke a third wave, and there’s no shortage of Servants who can do that, even if her damage is high for her rarity.

Nitocris, on the other hand, enables some farming setups that wouldn’t work otherwise. Having a 100%+ NP charge skill gives huge CE flexibility, but again, her first skill needs big investment to make her shine. Her NP1 damage is trash in the event that her IK fails to proc.

  • Nito NP1
  • Parvati NP1
  • Penth NP2
  • Fran NP2
  • Astolfo NP2
  • Zerklot NP3

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well I hope people will come and vote and i’ll probably end up going with the highest vote by the time we can exchange it tomorrow!