Would you rather…

Have all Big 4 Support casters (Waver, Merlin, Skadi, Tamamo) and terrible DPS Servants… or the absolutely amazing 4-5☆ Servants with great skills and attack (like Super Orion, Arjuna Alter, Kama, Archuria, etc.), but none of the 4 Support Casters?

  • Big 4 but really bad Servants
  • No Big 4 but OP Servants

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There’s no poll here.

I’m suing. :fgo_badciv:


I guess when you put it like that I would just take the supports and decent gold servants. I am not even that huge on them, but I want Merlin.


To answer, the former I guess. The supports give more options for DPS than just those bunch.


Oh yeah, I just remembered we could do that

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Better. :ferdbirb:

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I want it all…
I want it all…
I want it all,
And i want it now.

hope you like this quote :slight_smile:


Is that you Veruca?

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Oh my god, no no no no.

Forgive him Freddy, he does not know what he’s saying!

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Well if you have big supports , you can easily make your low rarity servants shine, so you will always have at least some decent dps.

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You can have Merlin and make Arash become a W3 clearer.
You can have Merlin, Waver and Mash and stall (I guess, I’m not an expert)
You can have Skadi and Ushiwakamaru or Caesar and laugh at the sheer destructive numbers.
F*ck it, you can have Skadi, Waver AND Merlin at the same time and stall.

Even by themselves they can do it. Who needs DPS when you can’t die? :fgo_buster:

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Edit: I forgot about Tamamo. Hah!..Robin? I guess…


Gameplay? Definitely the supports.
Overall enjoyment? I’d go with the DPS servants. I dunno, I just feel it would be a bit more fun :grin:

That’s a really tough call… So many things would be so much easier with the set of supports, but I don’t know if I want it bad enough to not have my good dps servants.

Finding the exact support you need is easy. Finding the exact dps you need can take many refreshes and still wouldn’t let you do double support shenanigans with the good dps servants.


…I was never really given the choice. The game just handed me both…

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All accounts have Skadi, but only 1 has Waver and none have Merlin and the blue cat.

1 account has a lot of good SSrs, one has a couple of good SSRs but none that work with Skadi (no Waver), and the last one has only Skadi+Amakusa+Caster of the Nightless City. So I can say with experience I’d rather have all 4 supports.

If I were choosing I’d rather have all 4 Infinity Stones and no other SSRs than multiple DPS SSRs and no Infinity Stones. The Infinity Stones can make every servant great but a lack of buffers really hampens your progress through the game both in terms of the number of turns farming will take as well as the degree to which boss fights and CQs become huge pains in the ass.


Really bad Servants? Is there such a thing? In any case, good supports can make any Servant shine.


The good DPS servants let you have fun and destroy a lot of things easily (and you can borrow the big 4 from the friend list)

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Especially if they’re self-sufficient


I want that super Orión, because i like that dude and because those numbers are pretty amazing


That’s tough. I like having the big supports stability for any fight you can have. But on the other hand, I’ve mastered the art of DPS unga bunga even without supports.

Gonna say I’d rather keep my main DPS servants. I’ve managed without them all the way to Lost Belt 2, so I could keep going if I had to.