Deck Swabber+ or Springy Axe+ for Ninja Hana?

I got this precious +10 Nana for Arena use, but I wonder which weapon is better.

Deck Swabber+ gives her much more survivability and nullifies foe’s bonuses to Atk and Def.
Springy Axe’s main difference is trading survivability for more Speed and debuff nullification. Which one would fit better with her set?
Note: Should I replace DC with G Duel Infantry 4?

  • Deck Swabber+
  • Springy Axe+

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Go with plegian, its the best weapon for her, with the menace or a debuffer she will be really hard to take down.
I run Springy on my Echidna and works fine but she is more bulky than Hana and less speedy.

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Is repel good for springy axe Ninja Hana? I got a pity Larcei, I don’t have a spare spurn and I am using a Galeforce build. Planning to give her as well swift sparrow 2 because lack of fodder.


The problem with repel, because it was the one I had first with Echidna is that it pushes the enemy away one tile, it can be troublesome in some situations, because to kill the foe that survived the encounter you will need to move in range of another foes, in some cases if you are running galeforce, if not, you will have to wait for the foe to attack and also the push effect might deliver him in range of an enemy healer which will make the fight a pain, frenzy is better for galeforce and spurn is good for anything else. Repel is good if you dont have anything else, close call is even better than it.


I’m surprised so many voted or Deck Swabber.

I’m using Springy Axe+ on Echidna in Arena, i feel the SPD it gives is better than the defense offered by deck swabber.
Also, the condition required by Springy Axe+ is much easier.

Deck swabber’s solo condition can be annoying in Arena, where you’re lacking both the space (small map) and movement (no repo, dance, ect. Only rally)
Deck swabber has a very good lull effect 'tho, which is better for Arena than a null-panic effect i suppose.


I see. Thanks for your thoughts. I really wanted Frenzy when Charlotte was released but tier F luck attacked really badly. If I don’t get a good pity on these daily banners that they are offering, then I’ll give Hana Repel for the time being until I get her something better.


I went with Springy Axe on mine because I hated how Deck Swabber looked but we know have the permanent version of it free with Vyland. The extra speed is excellent for DR purposes and some maps make being solo impossible.
They’re both easily obtainable so you can test both out and see which you prefer.

For reference/to show her off


I see Deck Swabber on about 99% of Ninja Hanas

Most people are probably voting for that because Arena is Rally city and the Lull effect the Deck Swabber has is invaluable for that (particularly if you’re using Hana in Water where L-Chrom, L-Leif, and L-Dimitri rein supreme)

It gets my vote too because I don’t see all that many situations where the extra Spd from Springy Axe will help her much. A lot of what’s in Arena is very slow with forced follow-ups or follow up blocking. There are some exceptions, but most of them are PP monsters like Lynja and L-Claude

For your second question, keep DC. Hana already reaches 180 BST for scoring with her Spd superboon. All Duel will give her is slightly higher stats all around, and she really likes that DC to make her a reliable answer to L-Chrom and other ranged units


No.because n!Hana already has 180bst anyway


She has superboon both in DEF and in SPD, yet everyone gives her superboon in SPD.
Why would the stat’ value of her weapon be any different ?

There is plenty of match-up in which her speed matters :

  • Legendary Dimitri
  • Legendary Byleth
  • Legendary Corrin
  • Legendary Alm
  • Speedy Legendary Chrom
  • Duo Eirika
  • Summer Hilda
  • Summer Byleth

… and that’s just duo/legendary units.

Of those, she has no business fighting Duo Eirika, L-Byleth, or Duo Hilda. She might be able to PP the other two (baiting them is a terrible idea because Byleth pierces DR and Hilda runs Dazzling) but Duo Eirika is going to beat the shit out of her no matter what because WTA

As for the others…

If the above Ninja Hana runs Deck Swabber with Spd refine she hits 58 Spd; 63 with Springy Axe

+10 +Spd L-Dimitri hits around 53-61 Spd, assuming he is also running a DC A slot (which is the popular choice; I added another 6-8 in case he has a Solo seal and Dragonflowers). Even with Springy Axe the double is questionable and I can’t see her one shotting him, so I’d prefer her to slightly blunt his true damage by lowering his Atk because she’ll need to attack him twice regardless. (Note: Springy will NOT help against Atrocity debuffs because she’ll definitely be bringing him below the 75% HP threshold for it for her second combat against him)

Worst case scenario speedy L-Alms (I’m assuming +Spd, SS3, Push 4,or L&D4, max DF, Spd Lull and Spd Solo) are hitting 66 Spd. Springy would stop the double, but I’ve never seen an Alm built like that (he almost always uses NFU) and you could still stop the double with a bit of Spd support. If he’s not running Lull a Rally Spd will do it

Worst case scenario speedy Chroms (same build as above) are much slower than worse case scenario speedy Alms by virtue of lower base Spd, making Swabber unquestionably superior against him

+Spd L-Corrin hits 60 Spd because DC is a given on her. The Spring Axe can double with Spd support, but again, you’re enduring a hit either way (thanks to Negating Fang) so I’d prefer to take less damage from the Swabber

For other common speedsters:

Hana should not be fighting fast swords

Mininess is a problem for her no matter what because he pierces DR

Lynja is a problem no matter what because she’s stupid

L-Claude is a problem no matter what because he’s stupid

So yeah, from what I can see, the extra 5 Spd from the Springy Axe is not going to help her any more than a bit of ally support in almost all her common matchups. She’s generally going to be fighting a lot of blue units and aside from Dimitri I’m not seeing any that can approach her Spd with the Swabber

Edit: I probably should have factored +6 from Rally Spd into more of these matchups, but if you’re also providing +6 Spd from a Rally, the results wind up being the same

Either way I would strongly recommend at least one ally with Joint Drive Spd to help her out. But overall I still maintain the Swabber is overall stronger than Springy in Arena (particularly for blunting +6 Rally Atk on some of these monsters)

Visible buffs on foes are way more common than debuffs in arena.

So definitely Swabber. :feh_catria:


Menace skills have gained a ton of popularity tho

Menace skills also buff your opponent

They still debuff you lol

Im just pointing out debuffs are more common in arena than they used to be

They are, but buffs are MUCH more common.

Neither, use Unbound Axe. It has the same effect as Deckswabber but doesn’t look dumb.


wdym brooms are the peak of weapon design

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it’s a mop not a broom

I find it more amusing to imagine my units as the crazy janitor who’s finally had enough of everyone’s :poop: :feh_bkhaha:

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