Decoy grunts and how to find Giovanni

At this rhytm I won’t catch 2 Raikous this month. This quest has been stalled for a full week solely because of decoy grunts. Honestly, is there any trick, any way to get to the boss or is bad, lame, infuriating RNG? If I don’t do something I won’t catch twice the legendary beast. One week of not being able to find is just not normal at all.

To my knowledge, it’s just RNG. No trick or anything to find Giovanni other than face-checking a marked stop on the radar

Wasn’t sure the decoys were still a thing been facing Big G right from the start last couple months. All I know is you dont have to battle the decoys and just move on to the next stop. At least one should spawn within a given area. Not a fan of driving and playing but take a car and try to hit every G spot untill you find the right one

Yeah, they’re definitely still a thing. I’m at the Gio stage of this month’s research and both stops I was able to check from the radar were decoys. Yeah, absolutely no obligation to fight them, though, and I agree that he should spawn at least somewhere on a given scan

Im having issues finding him as well. Checked a dozen stops today and all decoys. Haven’t had this much trouble since the rocket things first started. I’ve specifically been waiting for this weekend and double catch candy to battle him.

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