Dedicated PP or EP Idunn: +Res or +Atk?

Alright, so OG Idunn got jealous of her Spring incarnation and pitybroke me on the Spring 2020 banner of all things. :feh_idunnstare: First-world gacha problem time, because I already have her at +Atk…and this "pity"breaker shows up with a highly coveted Resistance superboon. :slot_machine:

So…should I merge best dragon into this +Res copy to give her ideal mixed bulk? Or keep my current +Atk boon for more overall damage? I want her to be able to run either PP or EP builds as optimally as possible depending on team comp. I had already built my +Atk OG Idunn to be either dedicated PP or EP with DC + either Bold or Vengeful Fighter + Armor March, while my +Res Spring Idunn is a dedicated mixed phase tank with DC + Special Fighter + QR. She probably still scales well with defense-scaling specials and Aether regardless of boon, so understandably I might be splitting hairs over this decision, although Aether scales a bit better with +Atk and Bonfire/Iceberg/etc with +Def or +Res; I’m running Aether on mine.

Instinct is telling me +Res is smarter overall even with Aether as her special, but if there are good reasons to keep +Atk I’ll gladly hear them out, thanks.


As someone who has a +10 +atk Idunn…

I’ll say go for +res. Better for her mixed bulk


Ah. Go +atk. I dont have a reason. Honest. :feh_elisad:

If you do go +res, hmmm. It would be good I think.


:thinking: +attack sounds good for both phases for her overall damage, I run mine with +resistance though and a mostly defensive set and she still deals a pretty good amount of damage, [Aether] helps on that.

I’ll share mine, you’ve seen her around quite some times by now but it’s for reference:

It’s a superboon which favors her mixed bulk.

I can understand you’d like them to be built differently though so you might like the attack asset on the OG and go for an offensive set involving [Bold Fighter 3] :thinking: , it’s a good choice and with the help of [Demonic Breath] and her high stats she can still take a good amount of hits.

My recommendation stands for a resistance super asset though, hope this helps!


+Res it is, thanks for input. :+1:

(Also, the stalking continues…while trying to pull for Spring Palla to get that delicious Disarm Trap for Leila, Idunn showed up as a pitybreaker again. Best dragon really wants to prove herself useful one way or another… :feh_idunnstare:)



She really must like you :feh_excidunn: anywho, glad we could help :+1:


When a tank unit has already good Resistance, I tend to be in favor of +Res, and capitalize on it, not just because of possible Ploys in C or S slot, but more importantly, in AR, to avoid Res-based effects like B!Micaiah’s or Temari’s weapon (although I know Idunn’s weapon cancels debuffs in this context - I’m also arguing here for general rule), and furthermore, to better protect you against AOE mages in IP team.

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