+def or +res f!f!morgan

I dunno +def is super boon but +res is also more balanced
Probably will merge one into the other too

  • +Defense
  • +Resistance

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If you voted in your own poll, why bother setting up the poll in the first place when you have a clear opinion?


Her whole kit runs around ATK and DEF, and even her weapon lends itself to her being physically bulky more than magical.

Personally, I’d just go with +DEF and give her Mirror Impact, if RES became that much of an issue.

Edit: Personally, I’d say the best option would be +ATK with ATK/RES Solo for a seal when we get it. Solves both problems. Balanced defenses, cataclysmic ATK. However, +ATK is not an option here.


I’m leaning slightly that way.
It’s not fully confirmed

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How does the weapon lend her to vent more physically bulky than magically? It doesn’t give her any Def boost and lowers foe Atk, boosting both her defenses, not just Def.


Lowering Foes ATK coupled with her naturally higher physical bulk. It adds a touch of magical bulk, yes; but even with a +RES it’s not going to magically make her into as reliable of a magical tank as she is physical.
(And there’s also that +DEF is a superboon, so if we factor in that as well, the bulk granted by her weapon has an even greater gap between her defenses.)

And if you want more specifics, there’s also her native A/D Menace, which buffs her ATK and DEF in further tandem with her weapon.

You would have to gear her specifically for being able to soak magic for her to reliably soak magic. As someone who has made a career of balancing defenses, I have long since learned when it’s just not worth it to do so. Hence, my comment about using a Solo instead if her RES really becomes an issue.

Now if her weapon gave her something of a barrier effect, or even a Deflect Magic effect, I would say it lends itself to a magcial wall. However, it does not.

No yeah the rest of the kit does but I don’t see how the weapon lends to her being more physically bulky than magically. It (effectively) boosts both.

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The end result sits at still having higher physical bulk than magical. As I just said, it’s in tandem with her statline and is not changed by a +RES roll.

Dunno, just took a look at her in the builder, and her res is actually very good. Given that there are a number of dragon threats, and that she could be decent with DC (I think, haven’t fully looked into it) I don’t think res is a bad option.


I’d do def just for the superboon. They’re both high enough that an IV won’t do that much, and if you had to you could just wait for atk/res solo like said above. I would have made the argument that you wouldn’t really be tanking with her, but her stats are s o good with her weapon that you could do whatever you wanted either way.

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