Def/Res Ideal 4 Users

So I’m a big fan of the idea of just raising a unit’s def/res through the roof to be a supertank, and I wanna use Def/Res Ideal 4 alongside Def/Res Menace to just stall out an opponent in AR. I know this might not work but I think builds like this are funny. I’ve been thinking Gatekeeper is a good contender but any other units you guys suggest?


Without Guard this is not gonna work well, if at all, because specials are the bane of tanks. This along with the 100% HP condition is why I think Def/Res is the worst Ideal skill.

And even then there are units like Yuri who just instantly precharge with a little help and boom, dead

Stalling usually just doesn’t work well on AR-D unless you’re running a Save ball


As someone who likes the skill, it really depends what the unit’s doing.

For example I have it on MGrima and PSurtr as a Save Pair but I’m changing to Distant and Close Def 4 respectively since stopping buffs at the cost of 1 Def/Res is worth.

If the unit is tanking all sorts or even attacks on PP Ideal is better.


EP/mixed phase builds with Ideal skills means you gotta have full HP (hence, some form of sustainability) and buffs (hence, debuff neutralization) in order for them to really be effective.

I would say units like L!Marth and F!Ike fit this category the best, but Def/Res has the lost opportunity of not giving Spd, which means you either need to fully invest in such units for EP/MP Ideal skills to be optimal… or you need to find a unit I can’t quite put in my mind yet that doesn’t rely on Spd for EP/MP and also has guard and is not screwed up by NFU.

Something like Special Fighter + D/R Ideal + D/R Far Save + Noontime + Distant Counter(D) red Idunn.

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Effective 67/70 Def/Res. You could even use the DC seal… Shit… I might do this now


Now that I think about it… Bulwark skills heal hp, so they are great with Ideal skills.
So basically that lowers a bit the urgent need of healing, but you can always equip noontime or mystic boost SS if you want to always stay at 100% HP.

That leaves us with debuff neutralization + guard for slow units or NFU for fast units.
Whichever unit that fulfills those effects in their weapon+C+SS or has support from other units such as B!Fjorm/Kaden/F!Lilith is ready to fully take advantage of Def/Res Ideal.

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These are the two I gave it to. Artur first, as soon as Lissa came out to get Def/Res Ideal 4 & Crafty Fighter 3 from Pirate Surtr. Then I gave it to Ephraim around the time of either DSH which featured Surtr again, or when Ephraim got his amazing refine.
All I need now is a save skill for Ephraim. I think I want A/R Near Save so I’d need to pull 2 HarFes Male Grimas, since y’know I’d like to keep one. Yeah there is the divine code manual.

And while I do want/need all of the units on this path either for merging or for the skills, it takes forever to get that many, and I’ve had other priorities.

At least October isn’t too much further away.

Anyway- If you have these units, the skills work super well on them. I reccomend it. You can always use healing specials too, or healers. There’s also Odd/Even Recovery. Especially on Ephraim. Aether probably does well for him because of his enemy phase brave attacks, and he can quad some enemies. He has decent speed for an armor, gets speed in his prf, and you can easily give him a +6 or +7 buff to it. Honestly these two rarely take much damage if at all, except from specialized nukes and armor destroyers. Those are usually the only ones that are able to kill. Arthur is especially annoying to take out with mages/dragons if there are debuffs to his Res. Still, they aren’t the greatest tanks probably, but they’ve got great damage output which is worth it to me. These are the only 2 who seemed worth giving the Ideal too, as Def/Res skills don’t have much use outside of supertanks. Atk/Spd is better on every speedy unit.

Here’s an idea. Tanky, followup nullification, DR. Give her Noontime instead for self-healing.

Wait for Rouse D/R 4, and profit.

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