Defensive Catria

I really like Catria’s character. I am more of an enemy phase kind a guy though. Are there any good defensive builds for Catria?



For real, hold on, I’ll think of something. She’s very versatile. @Tandor? Her weapon is Player Phase oriented, so you’ll have to work around it :tooobin:

By that I mean use another weapon, naturally


I mean, Whitewing Lance is still great

The +Eff Spectrum +3 still applies on enemy phase iirc, and it’s a 16 might slaying weapon


So uh

I have this friend,who is one of my best friends,and built the great wall of thea,so I guess you could try this out with Catria

It doesn’t look bad at all,so this is my suggestion

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That is true… :thinking:

Refining it for +Eff would mean less stats than what refining a different weapon would though.

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Only like 2 less stats, but Whitewing has a better allocation for Catria’s statline

But this is my idea for a mixed tank Catria
I mean, she can player phase I guess

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Fair point :tooobin:

Thing is, Audino how much this guy is willing to invest, so I can’t think of anything :tooobin:

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Similar to GamingBro1 build I run this on her and she has not disappointed me yet.

I also run Galeforce (and Flier Formation) on her for Abyssal runs where being more offensive is required.

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Something like this perhaps?

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