Defensive Sirius?

Pulled this handsome man of mystery recently, +Def -Res IVs. Obviously he’s an offensive melee terror with just his base kit alone. However, I like the idea of defensive Sirius quite a bit–38 base Def with that boon, +4 to all stats when alone, accelerated specials for frequent Bonfire/Ignis bombs, comes with a Lull skill (an ideal one at that) for minor enemy stat reduction and visible buff negation, and I have Brave Eliwood for offensive horse lance GF shenanigans already.

I’m thinking that aside from a cheap Smoke skill, he can make great use of Steady Stance 4 or Steady Posture 3 to slow enemy specials, maybe Rouse Atk/Def (I have a spare Edelgard) to self-buff if going solo, and Close Def or a Stance seal to pump up other stats of choice on EP.

Any suggestions? I’m not entirely sure what his biggest weaknesses are defensively (aside from magic) so maybe he’s not the best defensive horse tank. I have Grail merge projects in progress already, so no Conrad or Picnic Leo for a while. Anyway, I’d like to use Sirius alongside Hrìd, Veronica and maybe H!L’Arachel, Gunnthrá/WT!Olwen (if I get them) or a different high Res green horse mage I get later, in a horse emblem. Or in a mixed Tactic team. These are all just ideas at the moment. Maybe he is straight-up better as an offensive beast, what do I know. :feh_lucyshrug:


He doesn’t really need SS4 or SP3 imo, but he’ll make good use of them. This build is more budget, but you could go for something like the one below
I’d say SS4 is better than SP3 because he might reach overkill levels of speed, but that’s just me

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Hrid and Gunnthra are always a good combo, especially in Horse Emblem.

Man I wish 44 Spd was overkill again

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With the Lull it’s effectively 47 spd

Still your point stands, that’s nowhere near overkill these days

Oh, his weapon puts it up to 51. But I wouldn’t call even that overkill

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I thought his weapon gave +6?

It’s +4

Oh sad

Hmm, sounds like more heavy investment is worth consideration. In the meantime, I’ll stick with his base kit + Smoke + Close Def seal. Thanks!