Defensive support

Alright they completely destroyed mash I don’t know how to use her properly any more hell i didn’t fight a single battle without her and now they had to go and destroy her anyway now since I lack defensive support I would like to know which servants might fit into mash place and do the same thing


Is she the only one

From 1-3 star servants?

If you talk about 5 star, i think about Sima Yi (Reines)

I’m not sure what precisely you are stuck with but if you are having issues keeping Mash alive then make sure she is fully levelled and Fou’d. Her skills should be levelled as well but this could prove tricky since I believe you are new-ish. Her first skill espesh. You could also pair her with another support that provides additional defense, Waver would be great choice. Jeanne would also provide defence and immunity from NPs. Tamamo doesn’t provide party defence but is hard to kill with her own def buff but she does heal. In fact you could use 3 of those mentioned together if you dont mind 100+ turn boss kills :fgo_deadinside:


Hmm, they might be talking story-wise, so let’s be careful with spoilers.

There’s not really anyone who compares to Mash but I would suggest trying out Georgios or Leonidas.

Now I reread the question I see you might be right. OP should just take the advice here and carry on with the story. Don’t worry, we all had to go through it.

For the short term Chen Gong can handle two of Mash’s areas but he isn’t a proper replacement for long battles.
Teamwide defensive buff and a targetable taunt for enemy ST NP.
Up to 24% def and 350 damage cut. 8-6 turn CD.
Just keep in mind that his NP will kill a teammate.

You could combo with David or Avicebron( third skill gives Invul to team when he dies) to give some survivability.
Or abuse it with Sima Yi as @Da-Vinci-chan mentioned.
Use the invul skill when the enemy has ST and paint a target to absorb the damage.
With both of their skills you could either stack a 49% def buff or keep a constant 24-25% defence.

Hans could help somewhat if you stack his NP but you’d need a teammate that can buff success rate and unfortunately the one with the best synergy is Lanling.

Spoiler territory

You can switch so Mash has her default skills by changing her combat sprite.
However this doesn’t work for main story battles.


Thank you all for your help I will keep it in mind

My friend I have completed the first lost belt and I am stuck with new version of mash one that cannot provide me with with the defensive support that is why I am in trouble

They kinda turn her into Leonidas… But worse… Well there’s plug suit except for certain quest that need LB suit. You can just kill that third wheel and bring another defensive support like Jeanne, Hans, Caster Gil, or even Osakabehime

All of this is not a problem for me.
Due to the fact that i dislike Mash, i have never used her. So even if she gets removed from story, i’m perfectly fine with that.

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You complaining about Othenaus Mash, right?

In non-story quests, you can change her back, I think in the sprite edition.

In story quests, Boudica is indeed the best option. Georgios is even more functional, but he cant save you from AOE NPs…Oh, they are both Riders, will suck all your stars…Leonidas is minor Georgios, with buster support skills in trade for less consistency and no self-heals.
You can try to spam Hans NP def ups with a MLB Divine Banquet, I suppose…
And if you have Waver/Sima Yi, just use them.

Have a Prisma Cosmos? Any of them would love to use that CE…to spam NP support.

send all complaints to galahad, tbh


I didn’t do enough research, but why can Reines (Sima Yi) be considered a good support despite being a Rider? She’ll still hoard all the stars, won’t she?


For me, the reason i suggest her because she’s good as support and have similar skill with mash (Dmg Cut+Invincibility+NP charge). Her NP are good too.
That’s why i suggest her because looks like the OP search for similar servants that fit mash role.
You can check her skill&np here :

Sadly yes she’s rider so she get the stars.


At first I thought of her as a slightly worse Waver.
But she’s no comparison to him. Hope they buff her kit someday.

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Wow man she is awesome she is more like waver if there is a banner for I will try by all means to get her