Deino no.2 vanished

Did anyone else have this problem? My Dragon Week timed research disappeared before the end of the event and I could not catch / collect the second Deino. I completed all tasks well before the event ended but the research tab vanished the morning before the event ended. I restarted the app but the research tab did not come back (as Niantic help pages said it would). The app updated that same morning so I suspect that may be involved.

Informed Niantic support and waiting on a reply. Anyone else experience this?

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Staying on the today tab mostly brought back the research task, you just had to wait on that tab page… up to a few minutes.

But I fail to understand why so many people wait to collect their rewards from the special research tasks (and these timed ones are even more dangerous as told by @kenbkk).

Yes I had postponed it to pretty much the very end on my alt, and 1 hour before the event was supposed to be ending, the timed research was gone, no matter how many times I’ve restarted

“Trainers, we have pushed a fix for the issue causing Dragon Week’s Timed Research to disappear from the Today View earlier than intended. The Timed Research will now be available until August 8, 5 a.m. local time. You may need to reinstall your app to see the tasks reappear.”

“We are aware that a few Trainers are unable to recover the Timed Research even after reinstalling the app. Please stay tuned for details on a make-up Timed Research to be released at a later date (TBD). We apologize for the inconvenience.”

At least it wasn’t shiny, cough cough. 10 balls golden razz, etc

Traveling/bad signal?only got 1 of 9 karp rest fled. was shiny!

Traveling in a car I figured the catch rate would be lower…but looks like 95+% flee rate. I thought it might be 50% or something.

I saw this announcement from Niantic AFTER the date was extended and had already finished… I do NOT use Twitter and the Niantic support team did not bother to send me a message even though I contacted them several times about the problem. In the end, the research never returned despite my efforts. Oh well its just a Deino, I am sure it would have a shiny. LOL

The second tweet says there’s going to be a mak-up timed research, so I hope you can get your second deino that way :blush:

I guess they’ll do a makeup event during the other makeup event next weekend :rofl:

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