Deino shiny question

It seems curious to me that Deino has had a shiny release before a community day. I know it’s not a hard and fast rule, but I thought that generally shinies were held until a community day. Does this mean a) Deino won’t get a community day (or at least won’t get one anytime soon) b) Niantic isn’t consistent (which, nothing new there) or c) something else?

Look at Gible. It doesn’t have any real indication. Niantic just wants extra profit from the players investing a lot and lacking patience.


Just inconsistencies on Niantics side. We had a few CDs with that exact case, like Magikarp, Machop or Gible. I‘m 99,9% sure Deino will get it sooner or later as well.

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Those super popular shinies over the years, think; shinx, gible, deino and historically magikarp, absol, A-Wak (I hesitate to say mawile) and likely a few others I’ve forgotten get thrown into T1/3/4 first to sell raid passes. Plus eggs to sell incubators.

Niantic know they can do all that and people will still lose their shit over a CD/raid day for them, no matter the quality of the featured move. Look at Shinx day, useless move, not really useful outside novelty/unique 6 teams but Shinx day was probably the 2nd most loved day this year after Gible.

They could release deino CD and give it a new move called “wets its pants and runs away” which does exactly what it does on the tin, but it will still be absolutely massive. The following day GBL and raids would still be full of shiny Hydreigon with soggy underwear doing their best Usain Bolt impressions.

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