Deirdre, +atk or +res?

Hi hi, Deirdre has made it quite the habit to appear for me and I finally got her with a +res IV but now I’m wondering if it’s worth switching to +res when I have +atk.

I know +res would help her proc her weapon due to how high res has gotten recently but she still could use the firepower.
Here’s her current set

  • +res
  • +atk

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Her weapon does check visible Res, and you’re not boosting that anywhere else in her kit, so I can see where the argument for +Res comes from. But she’s also light blessed, and even with just Eir she’s hitting 42 Res, which… I don’t admittedly pay careful attention to how high enemy Res tends to be, but that sounds pretty serviceable given that a lot of popular threats tend to be on the squishier side, and the only Dark mythic that boosts Res is Sothis. So if you’re mainly using her in AR, I’m a little skeptical of +Res being a necessity. But if you were missing the check often without it, then, yeah, +Res would be better.


Based on my own experience she is a one shot unit so +Atk can never go wrong

Plus due to powercreep it might be hard in some cases to meet the +3 res condition of her weapon.

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She don’t have a high enough atk to OS others that dragon nowadays (and even for them 3more atk won’t change a thing, considering her prf give her 3more atk if she got more res than the ennemy) so for me the best boon for Deirdre is spd at max merges and res at medium/low merges, giving her a bit more magical tanking (basically her main strengh)

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