Deirdre +atk or +spd?

I finally pulled a Deirdre and she happened to be +atk. I already have one plus spd and I was planning on doing a speedy build, with fury and darting stance she reaches 40 spd in enemy phase so she can avoid doubles and counter attack with quick Riposte or use renewal to heal herself. So, what is the best IV for her? Also, mine is +spd - Def and the one I pulled is +atk - vel.

I don’t really find 40 speed to be all that fast to be honest. We have units that are reaching 45+ speed on the regular, and without a speed buff to her from something like Spd Tactic then she really can’t keep up with many of the fast units unless you get lucky with a Chill Spd debuff, which is no guarantee as far as hitting the target you want it to.

I’d personally take +Atk. But this is coming from someone who’s never used Deirdre, so do with that what you will.

I forgot to say that she is running Spd Ploy, but you definetely have a point.

If I go +atk I guess I’ll go double Distante Defense or double ploy

Don’t just take my word for it. Wait until you get done more replies beforehand so that way you get a some idea of where she stands with both +Atk and +Spd.

Who knows, you may like her with a speed boon.

I’d personally go for +SPD as her base speed isn’t that high but with a +SPD boon, Fury 4, a +6 buff and the +3 stat boosts from Divine Naga (as long as she has three more Res than her foe) she can easily hit 44/45 Speed which will easily allow her to double foes, especially if they get hit with Spd Ploy.

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I’m merging into the +spd, thank you!

Hrm on second thought +Spd for my +10 Deidre. Correcting IVs

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This is her atm and works pretty well