Deirdre's B Skill

I’m happy with the build I’ve given her, save for one thing: I can’t decide on her B Skill. Here’s her current setup:

I can’t decide between Bowbreaker and G Tomebreaker. I’m leaning toward Bowbreaker solely because her defense is pitiful and it would increase her survivability, but I’d like some input. Thank you!

Simply put, two words… Quick Riposte. That is all

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I considered that, but I find that her health drains too quickly with Fury for it to be viable for very long. It doesn’t go well with Brazen Atk/Res, as I’m either healing her for QR3 to work or letting her health drop for BA/R3 and QR3 is therefore inactive.

True, I guess. Maybe Mystic Boost? I use that on my Arvis and not only does it cancel the damage, but she’s better against healers, aka Veronica.

I wouldn’t use a breaker skill tho tbh. Not for her

Why do you use it on Arvis? Is it due to the cancellation of the “lower Def/Res” and “calculate Staff” effects? Because he has his Recover Ring that also cancels the damage. Unfortunately, I don’t have a spare Eir for MB3 or else I would definitely give her that. Why would you avoid a breaker skill for Deirdre?

I’d avoid a breaker skill because they are just better options, I feel, for her. Maybe QR for her S-skill? And then for her B-skill a chill skill, like Chill Res 3. I’d be fine with a breaker skill of her S-skill was QR.

I have a comparable Julia built (foddered my only Deirdre for Spd Ploy long before Saias was released). I find that G Tome Breaker and Dual Ploys is quite reliable in AA (the lack of merges limits her use in all other modes). She is a blue/green mage + dragon check for me.

Most green mages are super fast so the breaker helps. Julia and Deirdre’s Def is low enough that a really offensive bow will likely one-shot them.

@Rulo Thanks for your advice, I’ll give G Tomebreaker a try.

@Loresome I appreciate your input as well! If the G Tomebreaker doesn’t work out, I’ll try Chill Res 3 with QR3 as her Seal, because I do like that idea a lot.

Res smoke isnt that good compared to atk and spd smoke. Only use it if you have a dancer or paired with a dragon that can repo her out of danger and take on enemies for her.

There arent that many good b skills for her. Qr is indeed best esp paired with spd ploy. She can one round mages and not have to worry about WOM.

Renewal is fairly decent on her. She can control her bulk that way. Sometimes u arent strong enough to OHKO with brazen so its better to recover ur hp back up so you can double the enemy (armors).

Can also go winsweep. To poke armors safely. She already has mages and dragons checked

This is the set i run for AR. It allows me to outspeed Eirs on enemy phase so she can ko her. Also really good really good against blyns.

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How do you find the performance of Atk/Spd Bond on AR? With Aversa and RazzleDazzle being common threats, I have avoided builds with bonds.

QR no way around it just replace her A slot. What I did with mine was give her speed ploy fury and chill Res. And for her seal I gave her flashing blade. Though I had a speed boon it should be doable still

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With 2 eirs as support. She just doesnt care about razzle dazzle. In fact i count on them so that theres a unit left over while i go around smashing the pots.

Spd bond is there to check eirs who is a common threat. She doesnt need to use bonds all the time. Since exept for brazen celica she just doesnt care about mages. Eir makes it super easy to charge QR back up.

And i dont relly on buffs too much, so aversa isnt a problem for me. Ur deidre would indeed need more spd support than mine tho

My deidre runs very tight spd calculations so she can take on eir. For you…i would indeed recomend: QR, atk smoke, brazen atk/res.

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Bow and G Tome Breaker are a lot cheaper that Chill Res though, so it almost costs nothing to test drive them.

The only issue I have with Chills is that they are non-targeted, so unless your entire team can use the effect (e.g., dragon/mage team), sometimes you will be fighting without a B skill. I gave OG Marth Chill Spd (FCelica) but I never really liked its performance.

For the refined Divine Naga, Res Ploy, Res+3, or HP/Res2 could work. And if you want to kill bows, I would try BB + Atk Ploy + DD seal.

Chill res fam. More damage and higher chance of procing divine naga