Demonic Capital Rashomon

What happen to the event if i dont have gacha CEs in this event? Because i want to save my sq. It is okay for me if i dont have the CEs?

gacha CEs only increase drops for the only event currency this time, so you can pretty safely skip the gacha this time or only roll FP

3-star CE=+1 drop (+2 MLB)
4-star CE=+2 drop (+3 MLB)
5-star CE=+3 drop (+4 MLB)

the damage bonus CEs are all event shop+points ladder

Okay, thanks. I’m glad dmg bonus CEs are event shop

It’s fine if you don’t get any, or only have a few. I only had the 3* Gacha CEs from the FP Summons last year and I still managed to clear the shop.

Though, depending on which difficulty you farm, you’ll likely be using most or even all of the slots for Damage+ CEs. Last year, I was only able to equip 2 of the 3* CEs since I needed the other slots to buff damage.

oh yeah, I actually remember mainly doing the 1m Ibaraki node for shop farming using one each of the +100% (on AoE to clear hands) and +300% (on main attacker, to finish off Ibaraki) damage boost CEs, while stacking the remaining slots with drop CEs.

while points farming was mainly 6m Ibaraki with the +300% CE on my main attacker, and as many +50/+100% CEs as I had on everyone else

pending how my team comps fare this year though, I might try shop farming on the new 3m Ibaraki node

also, thankfully the points ladder is much more lax this time around. 200m to clear all vs 300m the last time

Save your quartz for Onigashima gacha CE. Onigashima is more tedious than Rashomon since you also need to farm while raiding boss similar to Prism Causeway but boss in Onigashima is more powerful + More HP.

You never need the gacha CEs for any event and Rashomon is no exception. Don’t roll purely for gacha CEs, you can just use 1-2 apples for the same effect without wasting SQ, and even if you don’t have apples and need to use SQ refills (which I don’t recommend) you’d spend less SQ than if you rolled the gacha for CEs that become useless after the event.

and here I swear I found Onigashima raids to be a cakewalk, compared to Rashomon’s. with all but the last raid boss easily going down with Euryale memes, even the one that cut arts cards by 50% (just need to pop a blue bean there really). last raid boss is definitely the hardest, though still nothing compared to Ibaraki, with them being Zerker with a good amount of various traits you can exploit against them

hell, anyone with a Nobu of either their own and/or a friend support is already in a good starting position. since she hits 2 of those traits at once

You will get a free 3* CE copy early on the main quest nodes.

Just roll FP gacha. Even if you fail to get a single extra, lots of people will have the 5* and the 4* CEs in their support to mine your FP.