Demote and Grail Unit Statistics (NY 2021 onwards)

Most Recent Update: New Heroes+A!Idunn

Will try to keep this updated. I will refrain from making an update post every banner, so I’ll probably come back to this post monthly to revive it (if there is no trouble in that). If you don’t want me to keep refreshing this post, please do leave your input. For the sake of ease, I’m going to start with NY 2021.


NY!Kaden, Miranda, P!Raphael, V!Alfonse, Lex, Linhardt, S!Minerva, Erk, Y!Lyon, B!Juno, Luthier and Tatiana, S!Caspar, S!Ogma, Orochi and Benny, P!Vika, Scion Lewyn, Balthus, H!Kurthnaga, Roshea and Vyland, N!M!Corrin, Marcia and Tanith, Basilio and Miriel, W!Manuela, NY!Lyre, Colm, LK!Xane, V!Owain, Cath, S!Henry, Karin, Y!Ilyana, Scathach, B!Cecilia, Kent, Guy, S!Claude

Demote Stats

Total: 44


  • Red: 12
  • Blue: 15
  • Green: 11
  • Colorless: 6

Weapon (Note: Tomes, Daggers, Bows, Dragons, and Beasts come in multiple colors, so those numbers might appear to be bigger than others)

  • Sword: 7
  • Lance: 8
  • Axe: 6
  • Bow: 2
  • Dagger: 3
  • Beast: 3
  • Dragon: 1
  • Tome: 12
  • Staff: 2


  • Infantry: 24
  • Cavalry: 10
  • Armor: 4
  • Flying: 6

NY!Keaton, Veld, P!Kris, V!Veronica, Dithorba, Solon, S!Saleh, Sonia, Y!Innes, F!Orson, Groom Zelot, Fernand, S!Leonie, S!Norne, Arete, P!Lifis, Pelleas, Scion Nanna, Aelfric, H!Sophia, Sedgar, Bertram, N!Shamir, Yen’fay, W!Ignatz , NY!Kyza, Riev, LK!Deen, V!Lissa, Gonzalez, S!Luthier, Salem, Y!Boyd, Hilda, F!Muarim, B!Larum, Limstella, S!Elincia

Grail Stats

Total: 40


  • Red: 10
  • Blue: 12
  • Green: 12
  • Colorless: 6

Weapon (Note: Tomes, Daggers, Bows, Dragons, and Beasts come in multiple colors, so those numbers might appear to be bigger than others)

  • Sword: 2
  • Lance: 6
  • Axe: 9
  • Bow: 5
  • Dagger: 1
  • Beast: 3
  • Dragon: 0
  • Tome: 12
  • Staff: 2


  • Infantry: 19
  • Cavalry: 14
  • Armor: 2
  • Flying: 5
Total Stats (Grail+Demote)

Total Grails+Demotes: 84


  • Red: 22
  • Blue: 27
  • Green: 23
  • Colorless: 12

Weapon (Note: Tomes, Daggers, Bows, Dragons, and Beasts come in multiple colors, so those numbers might appear to be bigger than others)

  • Sword: 9
  • Lance: 14
  • Axe: 15
  • Bow: 7
  • Dagger: 4
  • Beast: 6
  • Dragon: 1
  • Tome: 24
  • Staff: 4


  • Infantry: 43
  • Cavalry: 24
  • Armor: 6
  • Flying: 11

Additional data

GHBs with PRFs (by Book)

Book 6 GHBs: 62.5% (5/8) with PRFs
Book 5 GHBs: 25% (3/12) with PRFs
Book 4 GHBs: 58.3% (7/12) with PRFs
Book 3 GHBs: 54.54% (6/11) with PRFs
Book 2: GHBs: 75% (9/12) with PRFs (on release)
Book 1 GHBs: 50% (7/14) with PRFs (on release)


Thank you! I love statistics

29 infantry - 20 cavalry… we need more armors


Should there be a category for Prfs or no Prfs? The seasonal demotes might throw off the ratio a bit but maybe you could count only grails and normal demotes? I think more people need to be aware just how bad the last book was with prfs.


Oh, I had done that before somewhere else but it goes like this:
Book 5 GHBs: 25% (3/12) have Prfs
Book 4 GHBs: 58.3% (7/12) had Prfs
Book 3 GHBs: 54.54% (6/11) had Prfs
Book 2: GHBs: 75% (9/12) had Prfs (on release)
Book 1 GHBs: 50% (7/14) had Prfs (on release)

and for Book 6, it is currently 100% (2/2) which have PRFs

EDIT: I added a section to the OP


Those numbers do look familiar. I think I saw those on another thread. A while back I was taking a look at the banner demotes (Sothe, Reyson, Lex etc) only for prf ratios and If I remember correctly book 2 had a rather large amount of them compared to the other books. Not all were good but most now have refines but it’s still something interesting.

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IS really said no prfs for 75% of you grail units last year huh, jesus.


Update: Of Lost Kingdoms, Here With Me, and NH+A!Idunn

Demotes: LK!Xane (staff inf), V!Owain (lance cav), and Cath (green dagger inf)

Grails: LK!Deen (colorless dagger cav), V!Lissa (staff armor), and Gonzalez (axe inf)

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Update: Hop-and-go-Seek and NH+A!Mareeta

Demotes: S!Henry (colorless bow cav) and Karin (lance flier)

Grails: S!Luthier (lance cav) and Salem (red tome inf)

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Update: Unlikely Friends and NH+A!Ishtar

Demotes: Y!Ilyana (green tome inf) and Scathach (sword inf)

Grail: Y!Boyd (axe inf) and Hilda (red tome inf)


Huh, so we’ve already matched last year’s count of Prf on release grail units.


Yeah but last year was not exactly a hard to beat opponent.


Update: Beyond Control and Bridal Blossoms

Demotes: B!Cecilia (red tome cav)

Grail: F!Muarim (blue beast inf) and B!Larum (lance flier)


Update: Book 6 Midpoint and Summer Vacation

Demotes: Kent (sword cav), Guy (sword inf), and S!Claude (blue dagger flier)

Grails: Limstella (green tome inf) and S!Elincia (blue bow flier)


Update: Taken By The Tide and Ymir+SoV

Demotes: S!Lyon (sword inf), Kamui (sword inf), and Atlas (axe inf)

Grails: S!Seth (axe cav) and Brigand Boss (axe cav)